Chapter 6

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***Sana's POV***

When I said those words, I knew I would never forget the look on Tzuyu's face. There was confusion, shock, she looked perplexed and dumbfounded. And there was yearning. Just when I was about to leave, she looked like she was trying to reach out to me, but I had already reached the elevator door and she was still not moving.

Tzuyu.. did you really think that Ella was another man's daughter?

I didn't know which one was more painful: her thinking that I was sleeping around or her questioning Ella's paternity.

All the years we have spent together and you still think so lowly of me?

I looked at my daughter who was clasping my left hand with her tiny palms. Her big round eyes were looking at me, like she did a terrible thing.

"Mommy are you crying because I had been a bad baby?" Ella asked me, her eyes glistening with unshed tears.

I wiped my tears before dropping on my knees and hugging the tiny body of my daughter.

"No baby. You were not a bad baby and mommy was not crying because of that. Mommy was crying because I was worried about you," I told my daughter.

"Sorry Mommy because I went to play with Jay without asking for your approval first," my daughter said on my neck.

"It's okay, Mommy is not angry. Just don't do that again, okay? Don't make Mommy worry, and don't leave Bambam again without my consent, okay?" I looked at my daughter.

Her tiny hands wiped the tears I didn't know were still flowing. "Yes, Mommy," she said in a small voice.

How could you not see she was your own flesh and blood when she was wiping my tears the same way as you did?

I carried her just when the elevator door opened. I saw Bambam was already waiting for us and he opened the car door to let us in.

As the apartment building turned smaller and smaller from my vision, I swallowed the lump that was once again threatening to form in my throat. I could never appear weak in front of my daughter again. For her sake.

This will be the last time I will cry because of you, Tzuyu.


***Tzuyu's POV***

"Come on, dude, how long do you plan on staying here?" Seulgi grabbed the bottle from my hands. I have been in her club for a week now. "You haven't eaten a single proper meal for days, you reek of alcohol, and you are scaring some of the staff with how murderous you look at them. You don't even talk to me. What the hell is your problem?"

I tried to grab the beer from her but she tossed it away.

I sighed before wiping the drunkenness off of my red face.

"She- she told me she was- she was pregnant," I slurred, trying my damnedest to speak clearly while dragging my tongue on the roof of my mouth to utter proper words.

"Jihyo? How could you do that?! Jay is still a baby!" Seulgi said, shock was evident on her face.

"Sana.. she... she said Ella is my daughter."

"What's so surprising about that? When I learned she was carrying a child, I knew then that it was yours."

"She was not pregnant when I left.. we were always careful, Seulgs.."

"You know damn well that pills are not 100% effective. That was why you had those rules, right? No condom, no sex? And are you certain you always did it protected?" Seulgi asked me.

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