Chapter 9

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A/n : How many of you thought I'd leave you hanging? (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

Sana started to walk backwards while her hands were busy unbuttoning Tzuyu's long sleeves. She never believed her friends when they told her that anger is a good aphrodisiac, that hot, wild, and angry sex were good combinations for a mindblowing release.

" But I think now I believe them.. " The brunette thought to herself.

She wanted this release, she needed it, and she knew that the only one who can give her that is this woman in front of her whose hands were busy touching her behind while her mouth was on her neck, licking and nipping her shoulder blades and she knew she would have love bites tomorrow.

Tomorrow be damned..

Tzuyu pulled the brunette's nightgown up and threw it on the carpet. She looked at the beauty in front of her, mesmerized at how the years that passed never changed the curves she had memorized. Sana's perky breasts and pinkish areolas and hardened nipples because of arousal, her tiny waist, toned but soft stomach, and curvaceous thighs and legs that would always wrap themselves around the blondie while they were sharing their nights in each other's arms. And that small area between her legs that is currently covered with a silk underwear. How she can still taste her divine flavor in her mouth whenever she thinks about her.

The taller one did not waste any more second and grabbed the smaller one at the back of her head to kiss her again, but this time it is much gentler than before, but the hunger, the thirst, and the longing were still in that kiss.

"I need you, Sana," Tzuyu murmured but she knew she did not have to say it because Sana can feel it on her navel. Her hard on was pressing on Sana's belly button making the brunette moan from anticipation.

Sana reached down to unbuckle Tzuyu's pants and open her fly to release her raging hard on from its confinement. Her hand travelled down, slowly reaching its destination and when she did, she moaned at how hot and warm it is in her hand.

I almost forgot how big she was..

She slowly ran her fingertips from the other woman's base to the tip of her head, tracing the smooth skin and veins that were becoming more prominent.

"I cannot wait any longer." Tzuyu said before grabbing the brunette at the back of her thigh, carrying her and gently laying her on the waiting couch.

Tzuyu trailed wet kisses on Sana's jawline down to her neck and exposed shoulder blades.

"Damn Sana, you are so sexy," Tzuyu could not stop herself from murming how hot and sexy the woman who's body was flaunted in front of her is.

Just as her lips were about to reach the woman's waiting nipples, her hands began to travel on the petite woman's thigh, gently massaging them before parting her voluptuous legs.

Tzuyu did not waste any more second. She captured Sana's erect nipple while her left hand was playing with the other, all the while her right hand was touching the other woman's most intimate part. Her fingers were playing on her wet folds while her tongue was encircling the brunette's pinkish nipple.

"Ohhhhhh... Tzuyu... keep doing that," Sana said while her hand was clasping on Tzuyu's hair. She can feel Tzuyu's hot and wet tongue on her nipple while her fingers were playing on her clit and slit. She felt so hot and bothered and wanted nothing but to experience once again the release she was not able to experience in a long while. Her legs were wide open and she did not care how exposed she was on top of her couch.

"You're so wet, Sana. Tell me, have you been thinking of this moment all these years? Have you been dreaming of this too?" Tzuyu asked before she went down on the woman's waiting area. She was only dreaming of tasting Sana's addictive wet folds not long ago but now, she was already seeing it again.

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