The Bodyguards

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Hereford base

Derek POV

1 week later

You were in the cafeteria woth Bravo Squad remembering old memories and having a good laugh.

Mickey: Oh you missed out on alot Derek.

Derek: I bet I did.

Robert: Yea, there was one time back in the barracks where a guy somehow smuggled in alcohol and to get drunk. Next thing we know he's screaming out to the rest of the base until a sergeant came by and started screaming at him. Holy shit the man was unohased just swaying back and forth listening to him rant.

Patch: Yea *chuckles* training next day was not well for him.

Derek: Hangover?

Patch: That and he had to do basically double what we normally did.

Derek: Damn that sucks.

Mickey: But he had it all coming to him.

The speakers went alive.

Speakers: Could recruits Locust and Mickey come to briefing room 1.

Mickey: Well lets not keep him waiting.

You both got up and exited the cafeteria.

Derek: So how's Veronica been doing.

Mickey: Shes been good, just cant wait to be on break and see her again.

Derek: You'll get one soon, usually they happen after every mission or so.

Mickey: I sure hope so. She seemed pretty excited knowing that I was transferred to a more safer unit.

Derek: I would be aswell if I was her.

Mickey: Yea, she really is my everything. Cant imagine losing her.

Derek: Or her losing you.

Mickey: Yea you're right about that.

Derek: We're a team here. We make sure everyone in our squad gets out safe.

Mickey: Yea but, the recruits dont have a good record on that.

Derek: Because they dont listen. You follow orders given by the ops and trust them, and you'll be fine.

Mickey: I sure hope so.

You both arrived at the briefing room and walked in. You both stood at attention.

Harry: At ease, remember this isnt the army.

You both stood like normal and he began to talk.

Harry: Nothing too serious, but a tournament is happening in Germany later in San Fransisco and a group of well known youtubers and steaamers are going. I'm sending the both of you there as a means of being bodyguards for them.

Mickey: That doesnt seem so hard.

Harry: It shouldnt. Pack your bags with a few pairs of changeable clothes and dont bring anything more than a pistol. You have 30 minutes until you meet outside on the runway where Jäger will be waiting. Dismissed.

You both exited the room and headed back to your dorms. You both walked in and started packing for the trip.

Derek: So you ready to be back on American soil?

Mickey: Its been way too long.

Derek: Tell me about it.

Mickey: Anyways I got my sruff all packed, what about you.

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