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The Agent of Rainbow (Division Agent Male Reader x Rainbow Six Siege crossover) by zman6474
The Agent of Rainbow (Division Age...by zman6474
Rainbow needs help within their fight against the White Masks. Can they get the help they so desperately need from a Division Agent? Read and find out... I don't not own...
The Good Recruit Male OC x R6  by Growl37
The Good Recruit Male OC x R6 by Growl37
Derek Westbrook (i couldnt think of a name) was just a regular soldier trying to make a difference in the world. He was better than most in the field and because of this...
The Man Behind the Mask (Rainbow Six Siege X Male Reader) by Nokk_Main
The Man Behind the Mask (Rainbow S...by Nøkk_Main
Y/N L/N joined the White Mask thinking you could make a difference, that all changed when you met team Rainbow, fortunately for you they opened your eyes.
The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic] by TheMaximus2K
The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic]by Max
Lethal. Hidden. Most of all, Silent. These are words that describe *******, a renowned freelancing "operator" whose works and skills have peeked the interests...
A Vultures Tale (On Hold) by sulfonicpark
A Vultures Tale (On Hold)by sulfonicpark
your the worlds most feared man vulture and when your captured by team rainbow will you fit in or will the past come back to fight.
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The Doctor! (Not Doc) Rainbow Six Siege x Male Reader by Trash_Ela_Main
The Doctor! (Not Doc) Rainbow Six...by Actually AJ!
A Friend of the GIGN medic himself, Doc! (Y/N) is a Polish medic who has been recruited to Team Rainbow through recommendation of Doc. well lets see what happens with th...
The Wasp And Two Flowers - Zofia Bosak X Male Reader X Ela Bosak by StrmDominatr
The Wasp And Two Flowers - Zofia B...by
My take on Zofia's husband. You are a very close friend to the Bosak sisters since young. With them as company,you got the dream to help others.Attraction takes a long...
Alone(male reader)(Rainbow six siege) by Gxninsanity
Alone(male reader)(Rainbow six sie...by Gxninsanity
(Y/N) (L/N) was and an elite member from a black list group named primis.Ever since their death Y/N isolated himself from others.No one to trust,no one to love,a soldier...
The Lone Spartan by Growl37
The Lone Spartanby Growl37
You are Spartan Omega 028. One of the last Spartan IIs to ever be produced and third to be ranked Hyper Lethal. After assisting Noble Team in taking out the Super Corvet...
rainbow six Girls heaven by KawaiiElaZofe
rainbow six Girls heavenby KawaiiElaZofe
All characters depicted are 18+ girl + girl Rainbow six fan fiction 18+ all characters 18+, realistic unlike other crappy rainbow fanfiction. The situations are not base...
The Other Bosak by Wutthefreck
The Other Bosakby Wutthefreck
Y/n was always looked down upon. He was always was the person no liked or cared about. His father always abused him and was forcing him to join the military. Y/n's only...
Rainbow Six Siege Male Reader X Ash (On Hold) by 71Roadrunner
Rainbow Six Siege Male Reader X As...by R
I do not own Rainbow Six Siege or any of the art used. This is my first fan fiction as well as reader insert so please let me know where I can improve now on to descript...
Little Miss Babysitter by sleepysheepies
Little Miss Babysitterby sleepysheepies
❀❀❀❀❀❀ "That doesn't even make sense." I shook my head, bored out of my mind. "Does it have to?" He let a grim, fraction of a smile appear, befor...
Mis Dibujos by Mikellina198
Mis Dibujosby Yumi
estos son mis dibujos
Team Rainbow: A Ghost with a past. by FN-337
Team Rainbow: A Ghost with a past.by FN-337
Team Rainbow is an elite CTU with operators from all over the world, They've mostly been taking on the white mask group. You wanted to join team Rainbow ever since they...
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One chance by lMUTEl
One chanceby Mute
A Mute x Ela fanfiction in which you play as Mute. This story takes place in 2015 in an alternative universe where Mute is a new recruit and tries to build up a good cam...
The seals bond (rainbow six siege x male reader) by Ace_Cottone
The seals bond (rainbow six siege...by Ace Cottone
The ace is a symbol, death is near
Locked With No Key (Rainbow Six Siege OC X Male Reader)  by KokuraRiku
Locked With No Key (Rainbow Six Si...by Rice Krispies
You are a new recruit joining and training with Team Rainbow, the elite counter-terrorism group. Your background in the SAS will serve you well here in working as a team...