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The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic] by TheMaximus2K
The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic]by Max
Lethal. Hidden. Most of all, Silent. These are words that describe *******, a renowned freelancing "operator" whose works and skills have peeked the interests...
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silence (rainbow six siege x male reader) by Ace_Cottone
silence (rainbow six siege x male...by Ace Cottone
Y/N has been silent for years due to his vocal cords being crushed. He tries his best to communicate but it all fails. With him being beaten and hurt he join the white m...
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Rainbow six : Conqueror of the sea by War_Historian45
Rainbow six : Conqueror of the seaby Weird flex but okay
What would Rainbow do if they had a unquie soldier ? All rights resevered to ubisoft.
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The seals bond (rainbow six siege x male reader) by Ace_Cottone
The seals bond (rainbow six siege...by Ace Cottone
The ace is a symbol, death is near
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Forming Trust- An Ela X Reader Fanfiction by WriterPig125
Forming Trust- An Ela X Reader Fan...by St1m
Y/n Maddox is a SAS medic who was just invited to join Rainbow. After arriving at Hereford, Y/n meets various members of the Rainbow crew, including one who strikes his...
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Perifidy by Stupidifed333
Perifidyby Stupidifed333
The White Mask Terrorist Threat is ever rising. Six does something Rainbow has never done before: recruits a spook. Will he be able to meld with the others? Together, ca...
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Team Rainbow x Male reader. by FN-337
Team Rainbow x Male reader.by FN-337
Team Rainbow is an elite CTU with operators from all over the world, They've mostly been taking on the white mask group. You wanted to join team Rainbow ever since they...
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Truth or dare gone right!!! Ela x reader by r6s_recruit
Truth or dare gone right!!! Ela x...by SKReRRtETRRReRREE
Zofia and ela invite everyone over for a party. who would have known that a playful truth or dare would turn into much much more.................. rated r-18 for smut
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Recruit x Rainbow Six Seige by DeBlokz
Recruit x Rainbow Six Seigeby Issac
Y/N a recruit of Rainbow Six. Here he will attempt to become an operator but while before that he will go through training and other things. How he hasn't been kicked ou...
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Only a Bosak would love (Ela x male reader)  by hackingcasually
Only a Bosak would love (Ela x mal...by Dat Boi
(HAD TO REPUBLISH DUE TO TECH ERRORS) You a part of a group of friends including but limited to. You, Elzbieta, zofia and everyone's favourite demon akari. This follows...
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Days of Terror (A Rainbow Six Ela Story) by 10PistoledTurret
Days of Terror (A Rainbow Six Ela...by 10 Pistoled Turret (Vater Des...
This is a FULL Rainbow Six Siege fan-fic. Unlike my other book that is ongoing at the time of writing this. Do know this is a sequel to my first "The Fire's of Hell...
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Rainbow Six Siege | Ripper story by Klondikes
Rainbow Six Siege | Ripper storyby Please come back…
A new idea I had as I laid down in discomfort dealing with quarantine. It is the aftermath of Kiem's event in South America from another story. Enjoy
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Little Miss Babysitter by sleepysheepies
Little Miss Babysitterby sleepysheepies
❀❀❀❀❀❀ "That doesn't even make sense." I shook my head, bored out of my mind. "Does it have to?" He let a grim, fraction of a smile appear, befor...
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The Wściekły Bosak Redemption by Trash_Ela_Main
The Wściekły Bosak Redemptionby Actually AJ!
Ela through Hell, Zofia in Grace, an alternative happening in the Bosak blood. With you in the middle of it. Zofia is the perfect woman, beautiful, smart, hardworking...
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The Wasp And Two Flowers - Zofia Bosak X Male Reader X Ela Bosak by StrmDominatr
The Wasp And Two Flowers - Zofia B...by
My take on Zofia's husband. You are a very close friend to the Bosak sisters since young. With them as company,you got the dream to help others.Attraction takes a long...
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One chance by siti9901
One chanceby siti9901
A Mute x Ela fanfiction in which you play as Mute. This story takes place in 2015 in an alternative universe where Mute is a new recruit and tries to build up a good cam...
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Fallen Fate (A Rainbow6 Siege Story) by sneaky_lynx
Fallen Fate (A Rainbow6 Siege Stor...by Lynx
Nicknamed Geist, A man who served in s.a.s special forces gets recruited into team rainbow after being tracked down by the team leader. dont own any r6 seige related st...
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sniper (rainbow six siege x male reader) by Ace_Cottone
sniper (rainbow six siege x male r...by Ace Cottone
Logan Bosak is the world's best sniper since the white death sniper. He is equipped with the equipment he is used too but is deadly with alot of weapons from any range.
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The Predator  (Rainbow Six Siege X Human Predator) by Nokk_Main
The Predator (Rainbow Six Siege X...by Nøkk_Main
You where orphaned at a young age when your parents where brutally murdered by terrorist, you would have died of starvation if it where'int for the predator known as Wolf
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~El pijo y el gitano~ {Trollimba} [Hiatus constante] by LakyuKawaii
~El pijo y el gitano~ {Trollimba}...by LakyuKawaii
¿Quien diría que un chico pijo y un chico gitano llegarían a ser pareja? Esto era una cosa que ninguno de los dos imaginaba... Pero tras algunos sucesos ellos descubrirá...
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