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The Good Recruit Male OC x R6  by Growl37
The Good Recruit Male OC x R6 by Growl37
Derek Westbrook (i couldnt think of a name) was just a regular soldier trying to make a difference in the world. He was better than most in the field and because of this...
sniper (rainbow six siege x OC) by Ace_Cottone
sniper (rainbow six siege x OC)by Ace Cottone
Logan Bosak is the world's best sniper since the white death sniper. He is equipped with the equipment he is used too but is deadly with alot of weapons from any range.
The Agent of Rainbow (Division Agent Male Reader x Rainbow Six Siege crossover) by zman6474
The Agent of Rainbow (Division Age...by zman6474
Rainbow needs help within their fight against the White Masks. Can they get the help they so desperately need from a Division Agent? Read and find out... I don't own Tom...
Watch Dogs Treat by MrItalyOtter
Watch Dogs Treatby MrItalyOtter
Marek Bosak is pulled out of deployment after accepting an offer to join the organization known as Rainbow. Little did Marek know, his sisters were also enlisted into th...
silence (rainbow six siege x male reader) by Ace_Cottone
silence (rainbow six siege x male...by Ace Cottone
Y/N has been silent for years due to his vocal cords being crushed. He tries his best to communicate but it all fails. With him being beaten and hurt he join the white m...
Rainbow six siege Scenarios  by GriseoEcho
Rainbow six siege Scenarios by Griseo Echo
I do not own rainbow six siege. I will put in an OC of mine
Weasel by Lollerflock
Weaselby Lollerflock
Elliot "Weasel" Clarke has been know as a few things, SAS, Mercenary, Insane, Idiot, Rainbow operator. This a full story about Weasel and the struggles and adv...
Details. A Rainbow Six Siege Fanfic by Tachanka_Main
Details. A Rainbow Six Siege Fanficby Alibetti Spagetti
An operator form the FBI SWAT is introduced to Team Rainbow. When a deadly virus threatens North America, how will he fit in?
Female operators reaction by JustAnotherR6player
Female operators reactionby L3N4
Female operators reacts :D
Rainbow Six: Phantoms by Immoral_Rose
Rainbow Six: Phantomsby Immoral_Rose
John N/A works for a private organization known as the Phantoms. An ally of theirs, is the White Mask. As time moves John finds things that he didn't know about himself...
Locked With No Key (Rainbow Six Siege OC X Male Reader)  by KokuraRiku
Locked With No Key (Rainbow Six Si...by Rice Krispies
You are a new recruit joining and training with Team Rainbow, the elite counter-terrorism group. Your background in the SAS will serve you well here in working as a team...
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The Knight - R6S Fanfic by BoltSparki
The Knight - R6S Fanficby Sparkalashnikova
A Rainbow 6 story of an English/French Specialist who adorns the ornaments of a 15th-century medieval knight, but battles in 21st-century modern warfare. A tale of loss...
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The Predator  (Rainbow Six Siege X Human Predator) by Nokk_Main
The Predator (Rainbow Six Siege X...by Nøkk_Main
You where orphaned at a young age when your parents where brutally murdered by terrorist, you would have died of starvation if it where'int for the predator known as Wolf
Lone Ninja (Male reader and OC x R6S) by GDI_44
Lone Ninja (Male reader and OC x R...by GDI_44
(Y / n) is man who fight against white mask all alone or maybe isn't he alone ?
The seals bond (rainbow six siege x male reader) by Ace_Cottone
The seals bond (rainbow six siege...by Ace Cottone
The ace is a symbol, death is near
in prison||kurdish by Alan_Muhamad
in prison||kurdishby 𝑏𝑜𝑜𝑘 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟
ئەم چیرۆکە باس لە ڕووداوەکانی ناو زیندانی گوانگ لیم دەکات کاتێک بریکارێک بۆ ئەوێ دەنێردرێت بە ئەرکێکی نهێنی و خۆی وەک یەکێک لە زیندانیەکان پیشاندەدات و هەوڵدەدات بکوژە ز...
Where Are You Hiding? (A Rainbow Six Siege Story) by Vortex9651
Where Are You Hiding? (A Rainbow S...by Vortex
He's mysterious. He's secretive. He's dangerous. Jun "Wrath" Geong is motivated to kill by an unknown source or cause, but he's determined... And determination...
Little Miss Babysitter by sleepysheepies
Little Miss Babysitterby sleepysheepies
❀❀❀❀❀❀ "That doesn't even make sense." I shook my head, bored out of my mind. "Does it have to?" He let a grim, fraction of a smile appear, befor...
Thatcher's Son Reader X Ela by TheGallowsSpoof
Thatcher's Son Reader X Elaby Michael
Mike Baker (Thatcher) rarely spoke of his personal life. He was British SAS, he had a reputation to uphold as an Operator for Rainbow as well. However when Thatcher and...