Some random spn shit that popped into my head

-Sam pulled out a stake from an inner pocket.

"Which," He said, with that little grimace of annoyance, "Makes you a Trickster."

I shook my head a bit before realizing it was useless. The terror slid off my face and I rolled my eyes.

"Alright." The demon faded away in a sparkle of blue. "Fine." The ropes that bound me shimmered and vanished as I held up my hands in resignation. "You got me." I stood. "Guilty as charged. But you gotta admit- I had you going, right?"

Sam did that twitchy thing with his mouth. "I thought I could trust you."

I smirked.

He continued. "I thought me and you were-"

"What? Special? Hah! You thought I loved you? You?" I laughed a long, long laugh. When I had caught my breath, I shook my head at him, appalled. "Good god, Sam, I'm starting to see why Crowley calls you Moose."-

Don' judge meh.

D0ct0rgrl out

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