So. This is what I'm going to try to make.

U no those old time mirrors that are oval and have these awesome wooden- they're not really frames, they're more like a stand. So that's going to be in the middle, but its going to be sideways. On the left, there's going to be fem!lock, teenager, facing the mirror, holding a stack of books to her chest. Shes wearing a red v neck sweater, plaid flats, and jeans. Her head is tilted a bit down, so her long black ringlets hang down over her face, covering it completely. On the other side of the mirror, there's john. He's smiling, also facing the mirror, with short, rugged, windblown golden hair. He's standing tall, proud, with his shoulders back. He's wearing a yellow T-shirt, sneakers and cargo shorts. His hands are in his pockets. The background is a gradient blue, starting with a darker stormier shade on Sherlock's side and lightening to a clear bright sky blue on John's side.

So here it is. Like I said, I'm going to try to make it, but if you want to try, go ahead and email the results to

Doctorgrl out.

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