The things people listen to today is depressing. it's either:

"I got da chicks and all ma niggas be like gimme da cash ya dey say make it rain and I got dem bitches and dem titties yeah!"


"Oh, you hurt me so much, when you ran away with her, you cheated on me, thought we were meant to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh how could you hurt aaaaaaaammmmmmgggggggggg"


"Yeah garlfrands lats gaw and shop and hang out in Starbucks and fashion is awesome, so let's go be absolutely fucked up stupid bitches and bash people who actually wanna do something with their lives and Starbucks is awesome!"

What happened to the music? There used to be artists, people who took music and made it something beautiful, like debussy, mozart, bach, beethoven, tchaikovski. then after them were the people who made songs so deep, yet so- so- just, put simply, awesome, bands like Kansas, ACDC, metallica, foreigner, elvis, the Beatles...

And now?

What have we come to?

"They see me in the club shakin ma titties and twerkin ma fat ass, they see ma fat ass in the club, in the club!"

D0ct0rgrl out, holding a gun to her head

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