tiger, katie... tiger...

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So I'm reading this chick flick (shut up) about this girl who caught her fiance sleeping with her sister (I said shut up) and moved in with this awesome new friend who teaches her to be a bitch cuz it's fun (shut up) and it's actually surprisingly good. here's the link, if anyone's stupid enough to try:


anyway, so I realize that it's too quiet, so I decide to put on the normal smooth rock, heat of the moment, carry on wayward son, feeling good, and eye of the tiger. So I start to search eye of the tiger on grooveshark, and the artist, Survivor comes up instead of the song, so I look up at my search and I see

"Eye of the survivor"

I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me, either it's the story having an effect on me, or my body is trying to get me to go to bed. But yes, I searched survivor instead of tiger. I know. shut up.


D0ct0rgrl out.

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