So I was walking to school and I start thinking about a femwatson/Sherlock kid, and I end up coming up with this:

Joan Watson (female) and Sherlock Holmes (male) have married, moved out of 221b, and had a daughter. this last fact alone should be cause for concern, as Sherlock is not exactly father material, much less to a child of the opposite sex. This made for a bit of a distant father for little Miya, forcing Joan into the role of two parents, putting her under quite some duress and into quite a rough relationship with Sherlock. Thankfully, Miya made a friend one day, Erica.

Ah, but Erica.

Let's scroll back a bit.

About the same time Joan and Sherlock were getting married, a certain Jim was looking to settle down from his busy busy life as a criminal. so, he spent quite some time looking around London for a girl, and finds one, Eva. They also have a daughter, and name her Erica.

Neither of them has any idea the other is alive. they both thought that there was only one school with a suitable education plan for their children, and it was pure coincidence that they had their eyes on the same one. all they knew was that their daughters had made a friend a school. This lovely arrangement lasted for quite some time, with Sherlock getting stories about what a sweet girl Erica was, and Jim getting stories about what a nice girl Miya was... until, of course, their first sleepover.

Ah, but the sleepover.

Since Jim was not nearly as distant of a father figure as Sherlock was, he heard firsthand about Erica's plans for a sleepover at Miya's house this weekend. delighted, he offered to take her there himself. Since, as aforementioned, Sherlock and Joan had moved, Jimbo had no idea that his ever-beloved daughter was best friends with his ultimate nemesis. till he stepped through the door.

Jim, stepping into the hall out of the bitter cold, was helping Erica with her coat, telling her to be good, before he turned around and saw Sherlock.

Sherlock, stepping into the hall from the adjacent room, was calling to Joan to make tea, before he turned his head and saw James.

They both stared at each other in shock and horror for a minute or so, interrupted by Miya, who had come down the stairs, seen Erica, given a little squeal of excitement and came down to fetch her, giving a quick "Hello, mr. Moriarty," as they ran up the stairs, gossiping and giggling happily. during this little exchange, their eyes had flicked from each other to each other's children, and when the girls left, they looked back at each other with holy-shit-he-has-a-child expressions.

Then, in unison, they shrieked, "You have a kid?!"

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