Okay I'm watching a Harry potter marathon and I have found a new ship

I found drarry

Draco and Harry

I'm just in love with the whole "enemies at day lovers at night thing"

I'm just imagining at day they like tease an make fun of each other and act like couple of jackasses, but at night Draco would sneak through the hallways to the gryffindor common room, and Harry would be standing there, just by the door to let him in, because of course he'd know where he was, he had the marauders map. and together, night by night, they'd snuggle up together under Harry's blankets and watch people walk around the school, giggling and whispering jokes about everyone they found wandering about.

Like omg this explains pretty much every movie to me now

And I'm just buried in feels right now okay

And I'm gonna make a chapter specifically dedicated to my drarry interpretations of each movie

D0ct0rgrl out

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