Now, quite literally. This is it. my heroic attempt at a diary, now on wattpad. I've been writing for a while now, and I think it's time that whatever measly, non existent fan group I have should get to know me. And by that I don't just mean what and how I write, what genres I prefer, and other wattpad related questions, though they will be here, but more like (as aforementioned) a public diary. So, welcome! welcome to the inner workings of my mind! so deep and dark I can't disguise! can't disguise! sorry I love that song huuurriicaaannne! Anyways, the thoughts, hates, loves, pet peeves, and random bursts of weirdness I put here are mine and mine alone, and if anyone sees a copy of it, notify me so I can sue them. nah, jk, but lmk nonetheless.
So this is me.

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