So I recently began to ship deanlock (dean/Sherlock) because of this trailer (on side) for one reason and one reason only: jealous!cas is
As is jealous!john.

So I'm going to write a fic (I know, I know, "Katie, another one? Seriously?" Sorry.) so pretty much all of the Sherlock characters are opposite their original selves and spn are themselves. Joan and sherlock go to america, following a serial killer. Mark, Joan's fiancée, comes along on a business trip, and sherlock, who harbours a mild crush on Joan and resents mark, goes to a local bar to work on the case and get a drink, where she meets dean. dean has a crush on cas but has no idea how to see if his feeling are requited. They talk, they find out about each other's unfulfilled emotions, end up in a generally sex-based relationship. jealous!cas and jealous!joan, they both end up with their respective soulmates, happily ever after.

I hope I can get this done, what with deciding whether I should continue or delete fundamental, and mirrors, and flame of way, but I will try. don't expect anything, it'll be more of a hobby than something serious.

Might get chick-flick-y.

And I do need a name, so I will be accepting suggestions. Keywords would be:
A different way

Fingers crossed!
D0ct0rgrl out.

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