A lot of things happened since my last update. Summer happened, in which I was very bored, I got my own room, I went on tumblr very often, I got a girlfriend, though I don't think it'll last, I attempted to summon a demon and amazingly failed, I got addicted to heat, I started to watch the x-files, I started to watch sense8, I continued to watch Hannibal, I practiced (still do) my French, I got incredibly addicted to Buffy the Vampire slayer, I decidedly started to ship Spike and Buffy (in a kinky way), I realized that writing scripts is easier than writing books or stories, I watched the 100, and finally, I got an account on livejournal.

Sadly, with this last, I have decided that I will no loner be writing in this book. In fact, I will no longer be writing any of my books here. My novels will be either made into scripts or kept as is, and sent to ao3, and this public online diary will be continued on my livejournal account. This account is:


If you read this diary and wish to continue reading, that's where you want to go. If not, then this is my last entry.


Over and out.

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