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March break, I was mostly operating off wifi, tumblr being the only exception. um... I started a book, but not on wattpad... I'm writing a Loki sister fic on ao3 with my new best friend Adrian (her real name is Katie but she's genderfluid so she likes to be called Adrian)

I found a bunch of websites and tools to help stop procrastination and promote productivity

I drank waaaay too much coffee

I managed to stay up till six thirty in the morning

I packed to go to malice

I watched DW doomsday and the angels take Manhattan, and I cried about the amount of a shot glass, but I only managed to catch about an inch of it

I was going through a bit of a depression phase and... yeh


Anyways, you might or might not have notice that I changed my username and wondering what's with that


Lately I've been slowly but surely losing my confidence and self esteem, which leads to my voice getting quieter and quieter, and today at school I notice that it had gotten so quiet that when I spoke, no one noticed at all, almost as if I had gone silent.

The silent girl.

Thesilentgir1 out.

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