When you older peoples were in grade eight, do you guys remember attending this thing where they took you to tour the high school that you were most likely to attend? And they would show you around and show you all the classes and shit? And they'd show a buch of vids? Well that's what I did today. Yayyeah no.

To those of you who are younger (and i know you guys are there) then imma spoil it for you.

Its the most fucking boring thing I've ever done in mt entire fucking life.

And in the end, they showed us a powerpoint about stress, and they must have had either some effect on time and space and fate, or they had a placibo affect on me.

Heres what happened.

So these people end the presentation anf we all get up to leave and go back to our schools.

Dunno if it was a cruel prank by the greek gods, or if dem christian guardian angels are playing the assholes (again) but it just so happened that i crossed paths with... him. My crush. He who shall not be named.

Multiple times.

It just so happened that i look at him at the exact same moment he was looking in my general direction.

Multiple times.

It just so happened that as i was trying to get to some safe deep dark corner that i fucking bumped into him as he was heading toward his teacher, causing my face to bloom bright red.

And get this- multiple fucking times.

My life sucks ass

Vote if u feel me

(Oh and ps i started hyperventilating on the way back and needed a large coffe to settle me down instead of my usual small)

D0ct0rgrl out

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