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i. way down we go KALEO  ii. achilles come down GANG OF YOUTHS  iii. take me to church HOZIER  iv. all for us LABRINTH & ZENDAYA  v. start a war KLERGY & VALERIE BROUSSARD vi. tell me SAOIRSE RONAN  vii. uranus SLEEPING AT LAST  viii. higher RIHANNA  ix. saturn SLEEPING AT LAST  x. young and beautiful LANA DEL REY  xi. never ending RIHANNA  xii. turning page SLEEPING AT LAST  xiii. into my arms NICK CAVE  xiv. hurts like hell FLEURIE  xv. falling HARRY STYLES  xvi. so lonely JORJA SMITH xvii. persephone TAMINO xviii. goodbye APPARAT xix. power over me DERMOT KENNEDY

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