Chapter Twenty Three

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Pietro made a sudden stop and Christine's stomach dropped. Her head lolled to the side as she tried to adjust to the high speeds. The dizziness that came, as a result, was not welcome and she strained to not vomit. Christine's eyes took a minute to adjust and she was thankful that Pietro didn't move anymore. After a couple of seconds, she patted Pietro on the shoulder unable to speak. He got her message and placed her on solid ground, keeping a hand on her waist as she was still wobbly.

As her hearing also cleared up, she finally tuned into what was happening around her. Pietro placed them on a busy street, multiple people running away from the falling buildings with the familiar sound of the android's gunfire. A few people brushed by them attempting to escape from the heavy gunfire Seeing the terrified looks on the people's faces made Christine spring into action.

"Pietro." his eyes were averted to the scene in front of them, distracted. She called him again while also waving her arm in front of his face. A frown appeared on his face before he finally set his icy blue eyes onto hers.

"I need you to get as many people out of here as possible. We have to clear this city!"He opened his mouth before deciding against it and nodding, without much of a goodbye, he sped off leaving a blur in his wake.

"Hello? I'm pinned down in the church with Wanda and we need a little help"

"I'm about a block away" she responded.

Christine strained as she was making her way down the street. The debris made it harder for her to walk through, she made sure to move carefully, but quickly; each movement causing every muscle in her body to ache. Christine could feel her adrenaline begin to dwindle and she could feel every painful movement that her body was going through. Every piece of debris that she had to maneuver through sent agonizing pain through her ribs and shoulder. She had lost all feeling in her fingertips at this point.

Christine started to feel a lump in her throat at the familiar feeling.

Christine let out a piercing scream as she watched her sister's life drain from her eyes. She held onto the back of her head and brought her forehead down onto her sister's own damp, cold one. Her own tears spilled onto her sister's face and mixed with her sister's tears. Her other hand was still wrapped around her sister, gripping the dagger. She hadn't let go of it this whole time, a painful reminder of the horrible deed she committed.

She gripped it harder before sliding it out, the warm feeling of her blood covered her hand and she leaned over and emptied the contents of her stomach not too far away from them. In the same breath, she dropped the knife and reached for Amilla.

"Amilla?" She grabbed onto her arm, shaking it, shaking her, hoping that there would be a sign of life. "Mil?"

"Wake up, Mil." She began to cry harder when her only response was her sister's head jerking, limply. She reached up to her neck and attempted to feel a pulse.

In the distance, the sound of someone banging against a door started to get louder.

"Mil?" her voice grew louder, and she started to shake Amilla's body harder and harder.

Christine's tears began to blur her vision and she kept reaching up to wipe the tears out of her eyes, but her vision started to become filled with red. Unsure of the reason why, Christine grabbed the end of her shirt and wiped her eyes, desperately. Now with clear vision, she was able to see where the red was coming from. She hissed after feeling the wound above her eye. Her hands were covered in blood and Christine gagged. She could not tell whose blood it was.

A large crack made her turn her tear-filled gaze onto the sudden intrusion.

The barrel of an automatic weapon was pressed against her forehead and she closed her eyes. The feeling of relief washed over her, and she waited for her death. She did not even get a chance to look at her savior. The only wish she had in this moment was that she had not been able to feel the relief of death before she killed Amilla.

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