Chapter Three

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The mission was simple: Find the Avengers, get their attention.

The first part was harder then people thought. Since S.H.I.E.L.D fell she couldn't just search through their database. She needed to dig deeper than that.

To find the Avengers she needed to find their enemies first.When she was apart of S.H.I.E.L.D, they developed an algorithm that notified her of any suspicious activity. It was a little outdated, but it'll do. While waiting on that she decided to read up on the avengers.

She only knew what the public had notified her of, after Black Widow released all of S.H.I.E.L.D's files online it was easy.

Christine rubbed her eyes, sleep overcoming her. She layed down on her bed in the motel she was staying at. The bed giving way to her weight.

After she had seen those words across the computer screen in the library, she knew there was no turning back. So she packed a quick bag of her clothes and her stash of money. She had been slowly putting away a couple hundred dollars each month,for the past four years, in case she needed to flee. Then rented a motel room miles away from her apartment.

It was a shitty motel room, the wallpaper peeling off and the room gave off a distinct odor. The internet was slow and it could barely load her pages. The yellow lighting was starting to give her a headache, but she still stayed.

A ping sounded from her computer and she sat up quickly. She smiled at her computer before closing it. She had successfully honed in on the next place the avengers were going to hit.

A small facility outside of New York.

She could easily use her shadows to get there but she wanted to conserve her energy for the fight ahead.

Her eyelids begin to get heavy and Christine lied down on the bed, once more. Her eyes shut before her head even hit the pillow.

Christine woke with a start; she was hyperventilating and there was a sheen of sweat on her body. Sheets clung to her sweaty body and it only made her hotter. She kicked the sheets off of her body and layer back onto the pillow. Her heartbeat was deafening and began to give her a headache.

Each corner that wasn't bathed in moonlight began to make her nervous.Even with her abilities to manipulate darkness, she still cling to her childhood fear. Her own power scared her and she knew why.The shadows morphing into a figure that she believed was there to deliver swift justice.

Christine kept her eyes on the corner before her alarm went off on her bedside table. Instinctively, she reached over and shut the alarm off, when she looked back the corner was lit from the moonlight. Her lungs filled with air that he didn't even know that she was holding.

The alarm clock read 4:35 a.m.

"Guess it's time to wake up"

She stumbled over to the sink and rinsed her face with cold water. Still able to hear her own heartbeat,she tried to think about anything else. Her grip tightened on the sides of the sink.She couldn't shake the nightmare and how real it felt. Like she was living it all over again.

After checking out of the motel, Christine wasted no time on getting on the road.She stopped by a car rental and came out with a decent car. It was still dark outside so nobody was out.When she got onto the highway, it was nothing but a straight shot.She turned the radio on and listened to the soft melody of the singer.

When Christine arrived,the sun was about to set. Christine parked her car and walked the rest of the way. The map she looked at showed that her destination was somewhere in the woods. She was on high alert, in case something happened.

She used her powers to keep her hidden in the shadows. To any passerby, it would have just looked like dark patches in the woods. As the sun began to rise, she knew that she didn't have much time. Her camouflage would begin to weaken because lack of darkness. As she got closer, she could see guards patrolling the woods. They were dressed in all black except the red logo on their chest.

The same logo that was on the agents chest that attacked her.

They were armed too. Both of them sporting assault rifles. She scanned them for anymore weapons and found a pistol strapped to their thighs.

Two guards started walking in her direction. She began to slowly walk backwards. Her eyes never leaving them. She took slow steps , trying not to make a noise. A twig snapped underneath her feet that.she prayed nobody heard. Sadly, her answers weren't heard as the guard closest to her glared directly at her.

He tilted his head at her and she knew that the jig was up. So she decided to use the element of surprise. She was still able to use shadows to her advantage. With the sun set, his own shadow began to form.

Christine closed her eyes and willed herself over by him. When she opened her eyes she was directly behind the guard. Wasting no time, she punched him in the kidney and he fell.

She willed two shadows to appear and they took care of them so she could get to her location. As she was running, the ground began to shake. She held onto a tree nearby to steady her. Even her field of vision trembled. Something whizzed by her head and she ducked just in time to avoid the Mjolnir.

"I guess that means the whole gang's here" she said before she took off running in the direction the weapon came from.


Umbra teleportation

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Umbra teleportation.

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