Chapter Twelve

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Christine crept along the rafters and listened in on Ultron. She was instructed to keep some distance in case a fight broke out.

He was talking to someone as they lay on the ground. Upon further inspection she realized that it was Klaw. He was screaming in agony and clutching what was left of his arm.

"Do not compare me with Stark! It's a thing with me. Stark is a sickness!"

"Ah, Junior." Tony showed himself to Ultron and the twins. "You're gonna break your old man's heart."

"If I have to." He replied. Christine watched as Clint and Natasha made their way downstairs. Trying to remain quiet while Ultron was distracted by Tony,Steve, and Thor.

"We don't have to break anything."

"Clearly you have never made an omelet."

"He beat me by one second."

"Ah, this is funny, Mr.Stark." Pietro took a step forward and caught Christine's attention. She hadn't seen him since Sokovia. He seemed to be staring at something in the distance and she followed his eyes to the warheads.Some of them still had Stark painted on them from years ago. "It's what? Comfortable, like old times?"

She knew he was referring to Tony's time as an arms dealer.

"This was never my life." Tony responded.

"You two can still walk away from this."

"Oh we will." The other twin responded. Her brown hair was pulled up in a ponytail and her pale features matched her brothers. She glared back at the team.

"I know you've suffered."

Ultron interrupted Steve before he could finish. "Captain America! God's righteous man. I can't physically throw up but..."

"If you believe in peace then let us keep it." Thor said.

"I think you're confusing peace with quiet."

"What's with the vibranium?"

"I'm glad you asked that because this is where I tell you my evil plan."

His hand began to glow and she heard the whine of his suit. Christine jumped into action and threw up a shield around them. The shot Ultron had taken was absorbed and he groaned before launching at Tony. Steve grabbed the nearest robot and decapitated it with his shield and Thor did the same.

While Christine was distracted, someone grabbed her from behind.She elbowed them and was met with a pained groan. Head butting them as hard as she could, he managed to let go of her. Without looking, she delivered a swift kick to his solar plex. He flew off the platform she was on and onto the one below.

When Christine was able to gain her balance back, she looked down to see a pair of blue eyes looking at her. The twin smirked at her before disappearing in a blue blur. She took that as her cue to leave.

Bullets rained down on her and she kept her head down. Klaw's men were attacking everyone they could. She headed down the stairs and noticed two of them coming up. They began to shoot at her and she ducked down. Looking over the side of the stairs, she leapt over the railing.

"Is this a code green?"

"No! Stand down, banner." She heard. She looked up in the rafters and saw Clint was perched and shooting arrows. He fired a few arrows behind her and shot the men on the landing.

Christine rounded the corner and took out a few men along the way. Her shadows helped,too. She felt a presence behind her and threw a dagger. It imbedded itself in her enemy's leg. Christine punched the same leg and he fell to the ground.

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