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"Keep up that posture, Lizzie!"

"That was good, but I need you to push yourself a little more."

The young gymnast, Lizzie, sat on the mat, sighing angrily. They had been going through her routine nonstop for hours. She was exhausted and just want her coach to lay off of her. The Coach looked at the young girl before helping her off of the ground. She patted her on the back.

Sensing she was tired she decided to call it quits for the day. Christine peeked outside and realized that it was pitch black outside. "We'll continue this next week"

Lizzie nodded and began to pack up her stuff to leave. They both left the gym, coach turning off the lights and locking the door behind her. "You'll stick the landing, you just have to work on your takeoff. What have I always taught you?"

"The beginning always affects the end,"  she mumbled. "But coach-"

Coach frowned at Lizzie, silently reminding her of her name.

She corrected herself. "Christine, I'm trying "

Christine walked with Lizzie to her car parked in front of the gymnasium. They both took their time getting to the car neither wanting to go home to an empty house.

When they reached her car, Lizzie sighed again.

"Is your mom working tonight?"

She nodded. "The landlord is supposed to be watching out for me, but he's creepy."

Her voice faltered as she asked the question. "He hasn't-"


"Okay."Christine kept an eye out while Lizzie started her car. The roar of the engine echoed down the street. "You have my phone number, right? Call me if you need anything."

After some encouraging words, Lizzie seemed to have received all the encouragement she needed. She waved at Christine before pulling out and heading in the direction of her home.

Left alone underneath the streetlight, Christine decided to pop in her earphones and walk home. As she took the side streets to get to her apartment, she made sure to stay underneath the streetlights. Avoiding any mysterious puddles or stains on the sidewalks, too. Even though that was difficult to do, considering it was Brooklyn.

She took the steps two at a time, in a hurry to take a shower. After an 8-hour shift at the gymnasium, she was tired and sweaty. While she was unlocking the door, she saw something pass by her peripheral. Immediately she went on alert, listening hard enough to try and figure out what it was. Every scenario went through her head: a robber, rapist, murderer, anything that may be a threat. She made sure the safety on her pepper spray was off before she whipped around, ready to fend off any incoming threat.

When she turned, she was met by a pair of blue eyes innocently looking at her. The cat continued to stare before weaving in between her legs. The cat meowed loudly and she let out a breath she was holding.

"Hey toby"

He meowed at the sound of his own name.

Christine rolled her eyes and took the cat underneath her arm and pushed the door open. She checked one last time for anything when she came up with nothing, she laughed quietly to herself. Chalking up her paranoia to exhaustion, Christine locked the door behind her and got ready to take a shower.


Wiping the steam from her mirror, Christine glanced at her reflection. Fake brown eyes looked at her underneath her wet lashes. The scratchy lenses had been bothering her eyes all day, she took them out and looked back up. Her haunting grey eyes pierced through the reflection. She could see the hardness behind her eyes, the light from long ago snuffed out. After what seemed like hours, she blinked and was pulled out of her trance.

Unfortunately, not before she heard a gunshot go off and the glass shattered.Christine ducked underneath her counter and counted to three before grabbing the firearm underneath the counter, she wiped at what she thought was water dripping down from her face. She looked down and revealed that it was blood from a cut she must have gotten from the shattered mirror.The woman fired off two shots and watched as her assailant ducked behind her couch. Anger flowed through her veins and she fired at the couch.

Christine stood up, carefully avoiding the glass on the ground. With one hand she gripped the gun while the other held up her towel. Slowly walking towards the couch; gun in hand and finger on the trigger. The intruder watched the young woman from his hiding spot. He smiled as she turned her back to him, naive to his new hiding spot. He aimed his gun at her head and pulled the trigger. His smile dropped when a black shield materialized. He watched as the bullet was absorbed into the shield and never reached his target.

The woman with the haunting grey eyes slowly turned and he lifted his gun again. When the gun was kicked out of his hands, he began to reach for another weapon. Christine tilted her head at him. 

He stayed silent.

Christine rolled her eyes. "Who sent you?"

The intruder scoffed. "Like I would tell you"

"You either tell me willingly or we could do this the hard way"

He stayed silent so she shrugged.She materialized a weapon and was about to stab him when she was interrupted.

"That's enough, Christine"

Christine smirked."I knew I smelled your shitty cologne a couple blocks back." Christine turned around to see a face that she hoped that she wouldn't see again.




I have decided to rewrite this story, the old version wasn't going the way I wanted it to go.

It was too fast paced and seemed to lack a plot. So I apologize to everyone that was invested in the other story, but now I have this one.

Thank you in advance for the support.

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