Chapter Twenty One

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The closer they got to their destination, Christine's nerves were getting worse. In the beginning of the flight, she had taken a pain pill for her ribs, but it did nothing to calm her beating heart. Which quickened when Clint announces that they were fifteen clicks away.

Christine hadn't moved from her spot by the table. She leaned against the table as she fiddled with the gun holster on her thigh. Unclasping the belt and re positioning it on her thigh. Every time she looked down after adjusting it, it seemed to be in the wrong spot. The first time it was too low on her thigh and now it seemed like it was way too high. When she made a move to adjust it once again, a hand covered hers.

"You're making me nervous." Tony explained as he moved her hand from the holster and dropped her hand onto the table she was leaning on.

She mumbled an apology.

"How are you feeling?"


"I was talking about your ribs."

She shouldn't have been surprised that Steve told everyone about her injury. In fact, she was appreciative that he was worried. Her eyes cut to him as he was talking with Clint. He must have sensed her look because he made glanced her way. Once their eyes made eye contact, she quickly hid her face by turning towards Tony.

"He's just worries about you. Whether you like it or not, you are apart of team and we worry about each other."

During the conversation, her gaze had met the floor she raised her head at the sound of someone approaching. Steve stood in front of them, adjusting his shield onto his back. His eyebrows were pinched in concentration while he performed the task. Christine managed to tear her eyes away from the man in front of her long enough to tune into what Tony was saying.

"No way we all get through this. If even one tin soldier is left standing, we've lost. There's gonna be blood on the floor."

Tony's words resonated inside of her. The words rang inside her head like bells and she could feel her chest begin to tighten. She knew that the job was going to be dangerous and there was always a possibility of someone getting hurt. The idea of one of her teammates dying struck a cord. Even though she only spent a few weeks with the team, she had grown fond of them.

Fury had different allies around the world that could have helped the team, but he came to her. A part of her realizes that he knew that she would become attached to the group and do everything in her power to ensure their survival. She internally groaned when she realized that he was right.

"I got no plans tomorrow" Steve replied.

"I get first crack at the big guy. Iron Man's who he's waiting for."

"Get in line."

"That's true. He hates you the most." Vision states. He turned towards Christine. "I would say that he hates you the least."

"Ultron knows we're coming. Odds are we'll be riding into heavy fire and that's what we signed up for, but the people of Sokovia, they didn't. So our priority is getting them out. We'll go with Christine's plan and make sure that everybody knows their positions, lives depend on it."

"We're here." Clint announced.

Christine braced herself as he began to descend into the country. When the quinjet gave a final jolt, she knew that they had landed. Christine took a minute while everybody went to their positions. Her chest was constricting and she couldn't tell is her ribs were the cause. She reached into her side pocket to take another pill.

"Take too many and I'll make you sit out."

She chuckled and removed her hand from her pocket, leaving the pill in her pocket. She revealed her empty hands to him. He signaled his approval and she smiled back at him. Steve opened his mouth to say something, but Christine beat him to it.

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