Chapter Eleven

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"What's this?"

Steve gathered the entire team into one of the rooms, they all watched as he showed them a picture of Strucker. They had been looking through physical files for the past few hours. Everything on the computers had been erased by Ultron and they needed a lead on his whereabouts.

The picture showed he was dead in his jail cell, which was gruesome. His body was positioned like he was shot execution style. That wasn't the main the most important detail though.The word Peace was written in blood on the wall behind him.

"Ultron killed Strucker."

"Is he asking for Peace or is he demanding?"

"I think it's safe to assume he isn't asking." Bruce says.

"Known associates" Tony interrupted, he placed a file on the desk in front of them.

"Well,Strucker has a lot of friends."

Christine took out another file from the box she was searching in. She was about to place it in the pile to be read when she looked at the name.

Wilson, Amilla

"What the hell?" She whispered.

She glanced around and noticed that nobody was looking. They all were either reading or sorting. Quickly, she hid the file in one of the discarded boxes. She made sure to remember that box and continued her search.

"Wait, I know that guy." Tony said. He reached for the file that Bruce had in his hands. "From back in the day. He operates out of the east coast, black market arms."

Christine shot Tony an accusatory look. She had known of his extracurricular activities in the past.That he sold his technology to criminals that turned it into weapons. That he made profit off of wars and destruction.  He made eye contact with her and winced. "You meet these people at conventions, alright? I didn't sell him anything."

"He talked about finding something new, game changing even. It was all very 'Ahab'"

The team looked at the man on the file. His names was Ulysses Klaw.

"What is this on his neck?" Thor asked.

Christine looked closer and noticed a raised scar on the right side of his neck. She picked up the picture and examined it a bit more. The edge of the scar seemed to be making a shape of some sort. If she didn't know any better she would believe that it was a tattoo.

"It's a brand." She said.

Tony and Thor had been discussing the nature of the scar when they looked at her. Bruce took a peek over her shoulder, pinching his eyebrows he began to type on his IPad.They waited patiently as he pulls up the same symbol on the tablet. "It's a word in African dialect, it means thief."

"What dialect?"


"If this guy got out with some of their trade goods-"

"I thought your father got all of it." Steve interrupts Tony.

"I've heard of that place. It's a third world country. What do they have to offer that he would want to steal?" Natasha said.

"The strongest metal on earth." Christine raised an eyebrow at him. His eyes shift towards his shield that was leaning against a wall.


"Where is this guy now?"

"Klaw has a few offshore accounts that we were monitoring before our shutdown. I'm sure if we look hard enough, we can track his whereabouts."

As they were looking,Christine reached for the hidden file and snuck out. She read from the file as she made her way to her favorite spot by the window. She flipped through her file to the last thing written.


She turned suddenly at the sound of her voice. Maria was walking towards her.

"Where are you going?" Her smile dropped when she noticed the file in her hands. Christine could tell by her expression that she knew exactly what was in her hands.

"Where did you get that?"

"In one of those boxes. Do you know about this?" Christine inquires.

"No" she shook her head. "Those files came from Fury's office. He must have printed it out before I deleted everything."

She nodded, Christine believed Maria. She knew that she would never do anything to hurt her or her sister. Christine opened the file and took one last look at the picture of her sister before handing it over to Maria.

"Get rid of it, please."

"I will."

Maria left to dispose of the file and Christine watched her leave.

"Hey." Someone called.

She looked at Natasha as she walked down the hallway. "We found out where Ultron might be hitting next."

"Lets go." Christine was about to walk past her when Natasha grabbed her arm.

"But first,you need a suit."

She groaned. "What's wrong with what I have on?"

They both glanced down at her jeans and t-shirt. Natasha rose an eyebrow at her and Christine groaned.

"Fine! But it better not be tight."

Natasha smiled as she drug Christine down the hall.

"You'll see."


Thank you for being patient with me.

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