Chapter Four

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"Looks like we have the right place."

"Yeah, they're putting up one hell of a fight!"

Christine watched from the tree line as the Avengers continued to fight. She could see why they were cut out for the job. They were very skilled.

She was mesmerized by them. The way that each of them smoothly took down their opponents.It fascinated her how some of them didn't even have powers but that was their greatest advantage.

Her sister would have loved this.

She frowned a bit. Trying to keep ahold of her emotions were seeming a bit harder than usual.

She heard footsteps approach her and turned quickly. But her enemy got the jump on her and she was tackled onto the clearing in front of her.

He punched her in the face and her head snapped back. A searing pain spread across her face, before it turned into a throbbing sensation. Her eyes began to water and she couldn't see.She could only feel the weight of her opponent on her chest. She used her forearms to block the attack, he was straddling her and was about to punch her again. She summoned a shadow knife and hit her target.

She pushed the limp body off of her and stood to her feet.Stumbling a little bit as her balance was thrown off from the blow to the head. In that time, her sight had cleared up and she could clearly see everyone in action.

Thor was the closest, he was engaged in combat with multiple agents. He used the Mjolner effortlessly and mowed them down.

A bullet would have hit her had it not been for the shield she put up last minute, she looked toward the culprits. Three men were marching towards her, determination in their eyes. Her shadows appeared by her side and she smirked.

The agent in the middle held up a gun again and fired off a couple rounds. Her shadow stood in front of her and absorbed the bullets. Christine used her cover and send out solidified shadows. When she didn't hear anymore gunshots, she stepped out from her shadow to see them lying there. With black shards sticking out of their body.

"Who the hell is she?"

Christine ignored them and continued her assault on the Hydra members. Using a combination of her abilities and some combat that she learned at S.H.I.EL.D. Eventually she found a groove with them. She was able to jump in and help them. Even teleporting behind her enemies and incapacitating them.

When Christine went to go and help out Captain America she heard someone cry out.She looked over to see Natasha Romanoff on the ground she was clutching her side while trying to reach her other weapon. An agent stood in front of her with a gun to her head. Running into action she took the knife on her side and threw it. The agent dropped the gun in surprise. She casted a shadow and they took out the agent in no time.

She jogged to her side and Christine reached her hand out to help her up. Natasha seemed weary of her hand but took it, nonetheless. She seemed uneasy on her feet and leaning heavily to one side.Christine suspected that she might have broken her ribs.

"You okay?"

"I've been through worse"

She nodded in understanding but she still stood beside  her.

Christine could sense the whole team looking at her,including the woman she was helping.She stared back at them not letting them intimidate her.
Up close, they seemed different. She could see how tired they were from where she was standing.

Captain was the first to speak up.He stuck his hand out and she used her unoccupied hand to shake it. "I'm Steve Rogers, ma'am".


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