Chapter Fifteen

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5 years earlier

Somewhere in Kuwait

When they arrived in Kuwait it was a bloodbath. The small town was ravished in blood and destruction. Buildings were evacuated as they were seconds away from crumbling. The agonizing screams of the wounded pierced through the air like a knife.

The task force moved swiftly through the town. With a team of six members packed with guns, they looked intimidating. Christine was the only female on the team of brute males. She had convinced Fury that it would be beneficial if she was the one to bring Amilla in.

As they walked by, they could feel someone was watching.

Their intel told them that there were spies hiding all over the city, waiting to report back to their headquarters about their whereabouts. It was no secret that this was a town full of Hydra agents.

After trudging through the town, they finally reached their destination. The lead agent motioned for them to stop and they all crouched to the ground. Christine peeked past the soldiers and noticed a house. The white brick made it stand out from the other houses in the town. The house was much more modern and wealthier than the others. It's many stories indicative of that. Each balcony had an armed agent standing on it. She scanned the perimeter and notice a sniper on the roof.

"Eyes to the sky." She said.

Roberts, the lead agent, took his eyes off the two agents at the door and glanced at the roof.

"Wouldn't have this place armed to the teeth if it was for nothing. This has got to be it."

As he was about to stand, Christine, rushed in front of him. "Let me talk to her"


"Give me fifteen minutes. That's it. I know I can get through to her."

"Fury gave us orders." He went to sidestep her, but she stood her ground.

"Ten minutes." She said. "If I can't get to her in ten minutes then we do it your way. "Christine watched as he mulled over the thought. "She was your friend, too."

Roberts sighed as he thought about his old gym buddy. They had entered S.H.I.E.L.D. together graduating at the top of their class. There was a friendly competition between the two and they both enjoyed it. The two used each other for motivation and even came to be friends at one point.

"You have ten minutes, Wilson. Go!"

She thanked him and then proceed to strip herself of her assault rifle. He gave her a quizzical look and she explained that she wouldn't need it. When she went to remove her pistol, he stopped her by placing his hand over hers. He gave her a fervent shake of the head and she listened. Situating the handgun into her waistline before walking towards the house.

She took slow, calculating steps toward the house. When she was in the line of sight of the agents, she quickly moved to set her timer. Yelling in the background alerted her that she had been spotted. She looked up and noticed that they all had their guns trained on her. One wrong move would result in her being gunned down before she could make it to Amilla.

"I just want to talk to your boss!"

"On your knees"

She did as she was told and kneeled on the ground. Lowering her head in submissiveness and waiting expectantly. The pebbles on the ground embedded into her knees causing her to shift uncomfortably. Footsteps were heard and suddenly she was yanked up by her arms. She peeked at her captor and saw that it was one of the agents from the front.

"I just want to talk to your boss."

He chuckled at her and maneuvered her hands behind her back. A zip tie secured her wrists together as she was carted off towards the house. Before they opened the door, someone fastened a hood on top of her head, blinding her. A shove in her shoulder motioned for her to step forward and she did.

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