Chapter Nine

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Glass shattered around the team as robots starting flying everywhere. Steve reacted first amongst them, he kicked the coffee table towards one of them. The coffee table absorbed some of the impact, but Steve and Christine were still sent sailing backward.

They were thrown over the couch and onto the ground. Her side hit the floor first and could tell that she was going to be bruised. The sharp pain an obvious indication of that. She heard Steve groan from a few feet away. Gunshots rang around them and she could hear the whine from the robots.


"I'm good" he retorted as he rose to his feet.

She soon followed suit. Their enemies had scattered the team in various directions. Clint had found refuge underneath a table, forced to rely on his quick wits without any weapons. Maria was using the couch for cover as she shot at the legionnaires.

Christine jumped into action. Throwing a few shadow weapons at one of the robots, she was able to knock it to the ground. This didn't stop it from still shooting at her. She kept her head low as she called for Thor. He barely looked before throwing his hammer at the robot. The now decapitated robot fell to the ground and she watched his head roll over towards the bar.


She looked just in time for her to catch the gun being tossed to her. Maria nodded at her before going back to her cover behind the couch.

"We're here to help." it kept repeating.

Christine wasted no time and began using her new weapon. She used one of her shadow shields and freely walked directly towards a robot that was shooting at her. The shield absorbing every shot.

When she emptied her clip into a few of the robots, she resorted to using her shadows.

"Dr.Cho?" She called as she realized that she wasn't in eyesight. She surveyed the room and saw her cowering underneath the Piano. A robot was in front of her and he looked like he was about to shoot at her. Christine quickly threw her empty gun at the robot and caught its attention.

It turned and was met by Steve's shield.

"That was dramatic." Ultron states. It begins to pace back and forth, the scraping of the metal against the ground echoing. "I'm sorry, I know you mean well. You just didn't think it through."

Christine gave an exasperated sigh."That usually happens when someone attacks me."

Ultron's head tilts to the side, almost as if he is thinking about his next response. "You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. How is humanity saved if it's not allowed to evolve?"

He picks up one of the dismantled robots. "With these? These puppets?"

Christine looks at Tony, yet again. He makes eye contact from his seat on the stairs.

"There is only one path to see: the Avengers extinction"

Tired of hearing his vague threats, Thor launches his hammer at Ultron and he is smashed to pieces.

I had strings, but now I'm free. There are no strings on me, no strings on me.


Christine followed after Tony and Bruce into the lab. She stayed a few steps behind everyone else, trying to distance herself.

"All our work is gone," Tony states. "Ultron cleared out, used the internet as an escape hatch"

"He's been in everything; Files, surveillance...probably knows more about us than we know about each other."

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