Chapter Thirteen

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Clint directed the jet into the small field. He used the controls to shut off the jet before looking back at his peers.

They all looked exhausted.

Nat and Bruce were huddled together, whispering. He knew that his friend was trying to help comfort him.Hulk had destroyed an entire city in Africa. Although he was being mind controlled, he still felt horrible.

Thor,Steve, and Tony has been doing their own things. They would stare out the window and engage in small conversation. He could tell that it was strained.

Then there was Christine.

She hadn't moved from her spot on the bench. Her head was in her hands and she was still visibly shaking. Her panic attack had rendered her speechless and immobile for what felt like hours. Steve had to pick her up and place her in the spot she was in now.

Thor looked out the window at the clearing ahead. "What is this place?"

Tony shrugged. "A safe house?"

"I hope so." Clint unbuckled his seat and exited. When he looked back and noticed the team was still in the jet, he motioned for them to follow him.

Steve stepped towards the hunched woman in front of him.

"Christine, can you walk?"

She didn't answer.

He sighed and crouched in front of her, he placed his hands on her knees. The contact surprised her and she jumped.

He repeated his question.

She nodded and stood up. Her legs felt like jello and her knees hurt from her fall.Nonetheless, she took hesitant steps behind the team.she could tell the team was walking slower than they normally would. They were making sure that she could keep up in her state.

They approached a farmhouse and Clint opened the door. "Honey,I'm home."

A brunette woman came around the corner, she was holding blankets in her arms. Her eyes widened at Clint before a smile graced her lips.Clint relaxes at the sight of her and kisses her on the cheek. She set down the blankets and revealed her pregnant belly.


She took in the exhausted team, her smile never wavering. The team watched in shock as he wraps his arms around her. "Sorry I didn't call ahead."

"This is an agent of some kind." Tony said.

"This is Laura."

"I know all of your names."

Multiple footsteps came from the room next door. They came closer to them and they came around the very corner that Laura came from. They almost stopped in their tracks at the sight of Clint.

"Daddy!" They called out. He bent down to hug them and they both wrap their arms around his neck.

Christine took one glance at them before turning to leave.  Clint said something about making themselves at home, but she ignored him. Someone grabbed her shoulder and she didn't look to know who it was. They turned her around and directed her towards the stairs.

"Hey, Let's get you cleaned up."

Nat helped Christine into a spare bedroom. While Nat gathered some spare clothes from Laura, Christine sat on the bed. She ran a hand through her matted hair after yanking the elastic band from her hair. Her hair needed to be washed but she couldn't bring herself to care.

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