Chapter Eighteen

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Steve ran towards a motorcycle while Christine went to the jet. As soon as she arrived, Clint hauled ass and had them airborne. She made her way to the front and looked around the city. On the highway below them Christine spotted a truck from the research lab.

Below she could see Steve making his way to the truck.

"There. It's the truck from the Research lab. Right above you, Cap.On the loop by the bridge. It's them." She said.

Clint approached the highway. "You've got three in the cradle and one in the cab. I could take out the driver."

"Negative. That truck crashes, the gem could level the city.We need to draw out Ultron."

Christine took that as her cue and she teleported to the truck. She rolled onto the top of the truck and groaned at the shock on her knees. Steve landed next to her a couple seconds later. Silently greeting each other, they both swung down in front of the doors.

As soon as the doors were open, they narrowly missed being hit  by a blast. Christine managed to deflect most of it.

"Well, he's definitely not happy. I'm gonna try and keep him that way."

"You're not a match for him, Cap."

"Thanks Barton."

Christine grabbed her pistol and fired off a couple of shots while Steve threw his shield at Ultron.

"No no no!" Ultron groaned before grabbing the cord from around his neck and pulling it off.Christine took note of how gentle he was. Steve was yanked forward by Ultron before being launched out of the truck and onto the windshield of a car.

He turned to Christine but she was already ready. She drew from the darkness in the truck and shot a bolt of darkness at his chest. The force knocked him off his feet and she held him on the ground. She walked over to the computer and attempted  to shut the cradle down.

She kept an eye on Ultron, but hadn't noticed his other minions. Her hand was wrenched from the keyboard in a painful grip. With her other hand, she reached down and grabbed her knife. Locating a weak spot in the Vibranium armor, she jabbed her knife in the crevice. The robot loosened his grip enough for her to pull her arm back and kick the robot. Sensing someone on her right she threw up a shield and the blast was absorbed.

In the midst of handling one of the guards, she dropped her hold on Ultron and he flew from the truck.


"I got him."

She smirked at the sound of Steve's voice and still fought off the robot in front of her. The Vibranium armor was making it much more difficult to fight the robot, but not impossible. Using her powers once again, she conjured a shadow to distract the robot while she made her way back on top of the truck.

Ultron didn't miss her intrusion and instead yanked her closer. She braced herself against the truck and counterattacked with her shadow weapons. Ultron easily dodged her attack but wasn't quick enough to miss Captain's shield. He stumbled forward from the impact and Christine swept his legs out from under him.

"Do you know what's really in that cradle?" He questioned as he got back up to his feet.

"Don't care." She yelled.

"The power to make real change and that terrifies you."

Steve answered him this time. "Well, I wouldn't call it a comfort."

Steve launched his shield at Ultron's chest and he wasted no time in retaliating. He began to shoot at him before whirling around and going after Christine. Two shadows manifested next to her and his eyes widened.

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