Chapter Seventeen

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"Hong Kong?"

"Helen Cho is one of the only people that can provide Ultron with the body that he needs in order to evolve''

After Christine's breakdown, Steve and Christine ended up talking on the porch for hours. He would exchange stories about his friend, Bucky, and hers were about Amilla. Some of them were sad while others were amusing. An amusing story about Steve and Bucky left them in tears from laughing too hard. Eventually They departed and went to try and get some sleep.

Christine ended up waking up before anyone else. Orange light from the sunset flooded the room, bathing the beige walls in it's glow. She cursed herself for not closing the curtains before she fell into bed that morning. Throwing a glare at the light coming in, she threw the covers off of her. She shambled into the bathroom and made sure to make herself presentable before making her way downstairs and onto the porch once again.

That's where Clint found her. He sauntered up to her with a box in his hands in his hands, which he graciously reached out to give her. She raised a curious eyebrow at him, nonetheless opening the box in front of him.

She was surprised by what she found inside.

"Fury told me to give it to you before we head out." Her hand ran over the leather suit.

"Why didn't he just deliver it himself?"

"He left earlier this morning. Something about having some business to deal with. He took Maria with him."

"Oh." Disappointment present in her tone.

"She said that she would be back soon though." He reassured her.

"Can you be ready in 20?"

The corner of her mouth tilted up. "I can be ready in 10."

After tucking the box underneath her arm she gave Clint a nod. Using her abilities, she teleported back to the room she was staying in. Inside the room, she dropped her small smile and grimaced at the weight of the box. It felt heavy with memories.

She placed it on the bed, gently as if it might break if she handled it too much. Her hands lifted the top off of the box and onto the bed beside it. Once again, she tested the material with her hands. It still felt the same as when she first had worn it.

Stripping out of her clothes, she made haste in changing into her old uniform. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror and was shocked to see her reflection. It was like seeing a glimpse into the past. In front of her was the same woman that once proudly adorned the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem.

As she stared she couldn't help but grow annoyed. She knew Fury had done this on purpose. It was his own way of feeding his ego to see her, once again, wearing the S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform. His own way of telling her that he knew that once she got involved in this 'favor' of his, she wouldn't be able to leave.

And he was right.

As much as Christine wanted to throw in the towel and go back to Brooklyn, she couldn't. Ultron has ruined any anonymity in her life back in Brooklyn. If she went back they would all know that she was apart of S.H.I.E.L.D. and her quiet life would implode.

With a final glance at the mirror, she briefly closed her eyes and whirled around to the nightstand. She grabbed her daggers and descended down the stairs, where she knew the team was heading up to leave.

When she arrived on the jet, she realized that a few members were missing. When she expressed her concern Clint explained that Bruce and Tony were being dropped off at Bruce's lab and Thor had left a couple of days ago. She frowned when she realized that she hadn't noticed his absence in the last few days.Christine sat in her normal position in the quinjet, towards the back and away from everyone. She was enjoying her alone time when she felt someone looking at her. She peeked an eye open and was met with Nat's gaze.

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