The treehouse

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Many were rather moved by the moment between Grandfather and grandsons.

Ace was still grinning as Sabo finally soothes his bump. He leans away from Ace and smiles at the warm feeling.

Whitebeard relaxes realizing Garps intentions weren't malicious. Some of his crew members, however were giving Garp some angry looks.

Shanks merely snickers at the brothers predicament causing his crew to roll their eyes but smile/grin.

The StrawHat crew slightly shivered remembering the day they learned Garp was Luffy's grandfather.

Chopper looked more worried about the bumps on the brother's head.

"Dadan?!" Garp yelled.

"Oh dear" said Brook, as everyone was now paying attention to the scene.

"Yes, Garp-san!" she asked, only to be hit as well and fell back like they did.

"The poor woman" said Thatch, flinching at the hit she got.

"You're not educating the brats well," he yelled at her.

Makino was behind them, her hands over her mouth as Sabo sat there, staring terrified up at Garp. "He's Garp?" he asked himself in a croak. "He's Luffy's and Ace's grandfather?"

"It really is shocking" said Nami as she glances at Garp.

"Still, having a Vice admiral as your grandfather must've been tough" said Zoro,

"Eh, you get use to it" said Ace and Sabo simply chokes on his spit as he says,

"Use to it!? I'm still in shock!!"

Ace just chuckles at Sabo, bumping shoulders with him.

"Squirt," Garp said turning his attention to Sabo, "you mentioned something about going out to sea too...?"

"Oh, he's dead" said Usopp paling as did Chopper.

"He's not a squirt!" Luffy exclaimed, defending Sabo. Standing in front of Sabo, Luffy explained that he was their brother and they all promised that they would become pirates someday.

"Get the graves ready" said Sanji, shaking his head at Luffy's stupidity.

"Rest In Piece young ones!!" Yelled Brook as he salutes.

"He has such a big mouth," Ace grumbled from the floor as he rubbed his sore head.

"Tell me about it" said the StrawHat's, Ace and Sabo.

Shanks laughs.

Dragon merely twitches.

Whitebeard just grins as his sons and daughters laughed.

"Oh?" Garp said, cracking his knuckles, "That means there are three brats who want me to give them a workout!"

The trio of brothers blinked and started sweating as Garp gained a sadistic grin. Seeing him raise his fist was enough for them all to start screaming and make a break for it.

"Oh my god!!" Shanks said laughing harder, "that's hilarious!!"

Ace and Sabo grumble about their crazy grandfather, shuffling closer towards each other.

And that was when they saw Garp turn his idea of 'training' onto the boys.

"Poor brats" said Thatch, pitying the brothers.

Marco crosses his arms and shakes his head, "I'm sure this is abuse"

Haruta snickers and says, "you gotta admit, for small brats they sure can run and dodge"

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