Mama Marco

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"You idiot!" Sabo screamed at Ace, "Come on!"

"Once I face an enemy, I never run!" Ace just shouted out to him, gripping the pipe tighter than ever, readying himself for an attack.

"YOU!!" Sabo,Garp and Marco prepares their fist and-


"IDIOT!!" They shout.

Ace is holding his head which has three large bumps. Sabo sits back down next to him as he crosses his arms and looks away huffing.

Marco now pinched the bridge of his nose while his brothers and Pops calm him down a bit.

Well his Pops was laughing loudly.

Garp huffs angrily and walks away, sitting down as he continues to huff and mutter about his "idiotic grandson" while Sengoku just looks at him disapprovingly.

The StrawHat's too emerged into the memory didn't even acknowledge Ace's groans of pain.

Marines sweat dropped and muttered to themselves,

"What? You brat!" Porchemy yelled.

"Don't!" Sabo yelled desperately, still holding onto Luffy, "He's on a completely different level than the delinquents from town!"

Usopp yells, "listen to him, Ace!!" Chopper nods and says,

"They have to get out of there and treat Luffy's wounds!!"

"Don't you get it?" Porchemy sneered, "Playtime is over now! You stole our money! You will obediently return it to us, you insolent brat! I'm sure you realize you've done a bad thing."

He pointed his sword at Ace's face and said, "I won't hurt you if you give the money back."

Zoro and Sanji scoffed at that,

"like he'll believe you" Sanji said taking a new cigarette out and lighting it.

Nami shakes her head and said, "that's not the point! Ace has to get out of there!!"

Robin merely sighs.

Ace just used his pipe to smack the sword aside as he yelled, "We're gonna make much better use of it!"

Sabo mutters curses towards Ace who slightly hunches over.

Thatch chuckles a bit at Ace's sulking.

"What did you say? Enough of the bullshit!" Porchemy cried, losing all façade and his face was contorted with anger.

"You...just wait here a minute!" Sabo said to Luffy before dropping him to the ground like so that he could fight with Ace.

"Don't just drop him like that!" Nami yells exasperated, throwing one hand up.

Whitebeard raises an eyebrow, slightly pitying poor Luffy.

Marco sighs deeply staring at the little boys body that laid limp on the ground. He noticed that Luffy was desperately trying to still lift his head to see.

A swell of worry and pity hits Marco for the small boy. Despite the way Ace and Sabo treated Luffy, he already cared dearly for them.

Sabo now was hunched over like Ace, embarrassed of his action.

Ace snickers a bit which caused a hit to his side.

"If those injuries get any worse, he could die." Said Robin bluntly as she glances down at Luffy's body, Chopper immediately shouts in surprise at what she said now yelling,

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