How did Luffy survive!?

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Luffy growls once again, grabbing his hat and placing it on his head as the anger melts away. A memory of Shanks is shown briefly when the bandits humiliated him, yet Shanks merely laughed and approached the situation maturely. With a determined face, Luffy wipes the spit off and walks into the hut.

Shanks smiles seeing Luffy act mature for a moment because of him.

The StrawHat's smiled at their captains memory of Shanks. Knowing how much Luffy admires him, makes it even more adorable in a way.

Ace smiles and is thankful at how much his little brother is stubborn but also determined. He was so glad that Luffy was always chasing after him.

The Blonde stares at Luffy's determined face, chuckling as he covers his mouth to be quiet. Then the Blonde thinks for a moment, should he reveal himself? He glances at Ace and wonder what his reaction may be.... he sighs and tells himself that he'll show himself much later.

'When the time is right' he thought,

Luffy entered the hut as it was mostly dark and no sign of light entering. He glances around walking, trying to find his way while his curiosity peeked at his surroundings. But then an arm wrapped around his throat as a knife was held near his cheek.

The StrawHat's tense as Chopper yells, "they're gonna hurt him!!!"

Ace on the other hand, stayed calm knowing that the bandits wouldn't really harm a child even if they tried. They mostly targeted adults.

"Who the hell are you?" the bandit asked, and they all appeared out of the darkness, a decent amount of them were gathered around them, like guards—prepared to grab him if he escaped.

"Let go of me!" Luffy yelled, staring down at the weapon that seemed to glint a little in the low light.

"If you don't wanna die," the bandit holding the knife at his throat, "Then fork over all your cash!"

"What kid would have any money on him?" Said Izou huffing.

Thatch frowns at Luffy's slightly terrified face.

Ace sighs, he should have at least told them to buzz off when they approached Luffy. But how he was back then, the only thing he cared about was the answer.

"I don't have any money!" Luffy told them honestly.

"Then call your parents and make them bring some!" another bandit demanded at once.

"I've only got a Granddad!" Luffy said.

"Then call your Gramps here!" a third bandit told him. "What's his name?"

"They're in for a nasty surprise," Brook said, Garp didn't know whether he should feel offended at that or proud of the fact he was so feared.

Ace on the other hand snorted at Brook's comment, which caused his crew members to lose their tension as they saw their 'dead' brother amused by the small joke.

"Garp-san" said a familiar voice. The lights were turned on as the door opened and the little man from before was there. The other bandit's eyes opened wide in horror as sweat poured down their faces. "This kid is...?" the bandit holding Luffy croaked out.

"He's gonna live with us from now on," he finished speaking as if this was a curse that was casted on them. That was when every single bandit seemed to come out of the woodworks and cried out in panic.

"Why'd you take him?!"

"This isn't a nursery school you know!"

"Boss, you're totally gutless!"

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