Looking after the youngest

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"Right," Sabo said, looking back at them. "So I've gotta ask you something."

As the three boys pulled together in a huddle and began to talk.

"What are they planning?" Asked Thatch curious and glanced at the brothers as if expecting them to tell him.

Marco smirked a bit and said "I'm guessing living arrangements for Sabo, correct?"  He turns his head towards Sabo asking.

Sabo nods and just smiles.

"I wonder what's gonna happen now..." Chopper says in wonder as the scene shows the next day.

The boys all turned and were heading back in the direction to where the bandit's hut was. Everything faded away, meaning that another memory was coming up.

"Seems Sabo will be staying with them" said Sanji for those who were still confused over the situation.

"So they'll all be staying at a Bandits hideout" said Chopper worried since seeing Luffy's state in living with the bandits.

"We'll me fine" Sabo said reassuringly,

But before anyone could come up with any ideas, the images came back. Ace, Luffy, and Sabo were sprawled out on the bandit's floor in a tangle of blankets, Dadan was standing there, gaping at what she was seeing as well as did the other bandits.

"This must've been a nightmare for her" said Haruta snickering a bit.

"What the hell is going on?! ACE! LUFFY! Who is that?!" Dadan yelled out loud enough to stir the boys awake. "Why is there another of you brats here?!"

Luffy groaned sleepily, sitting up and briefly looking up at Dadan through sleepy eyes. "Who's who?" he asked hazily before he fell back to the floor and started to drift back off to sleep.

Ace forced himself to sit up next as he looked up at to see who it was. "You're so noisy in the morning," he grumbled, and asked them before he fell back to the floor like Luffy had done, "Don't you know what time it is?"

Some of Ace's crew members snort a bit remembering the many times they attempted to wake Ace up, only for him to walk and then drop going right back to sleep.

Whitebeard grins remembering too, of the many places Ace would randomly sleep.

Ace slightly goes red in embarrassment,

Sabo sat up almost immediately after that, but he just looked ahead of him for a few seconds before he fell back with a groan.

Robin just smiled. "After what happened last night, of course they just want to sleep in."

Some of the crew sighed remembering how Luffy sleeps randomly as well.

"Why's there suddenly a third kid here?" Dadan yelled at them, glaring at Sabo. "Who are you?"

Everyone watched in amusement as the three boys finally opened their eyes again. "Who me?" Sabo asked stood up, rubbing his red eyes.

When he was a little more awake, he put on a huge grin while Ace and Luffy stood up and back to watch.

"I'm Sabo," he said brightly, now fully awake, "Hi! You're Dadan right?"

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