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We Love you Luffy!! by Krispymantis
We Love you Luffy!!by KP
What happens if ace doesn't go out to chase Teech? By -KP The characters used in this story are not mine. They are the original characters created by the great author od...
Something New (LawxReader) by Kleptocat321
Something New (LawxReader)by Taylor
(Y/N) has noticed Law around school, she's just never had a reason to talk to him. But life has a way of pushing people together. Even if those ways cause heartache alon...
Notes ~ Sabo x Reader by piratequeend
Notes ~ Sabo x Readerby PirateQueenD
Someone requested I bring this from my D.A account so here it is!
Time Keeper - A One Piece Fanfiction by shortybug32
Time Keeper - A One Piece TheOnePieceisReal
Dying because of a stupid school shooting.. what type of bullshit is this? In which, (Y/n), you, somehow get transferred into the One Piece world. Uh oh, you also ate a...
Protectors [One Piece Fanfiction] by wanderingsoulll
Protectors [One Piece Fanfiction]by wanderingsoulll
She grew up with the ASL trio but, unlike them, she became a Marine. Achieving great feats at a young age, she became the world's Youngest Vice Admiral and although she...
PELAGIC - Ace x Reader x Law by WombatSquid
PELAGIC - Ace x Reader x Lawby Mombat
"No matter how the sun shone, the sea held forth no more promises" - Albert Camus It all started with a single promise. A promise that would throw an innoce...
Little Spitfire  by ROAH_KILLER_FROST
Little Spitfire by L.M.T ROAH
by: VictoriaJL My take on Ace raising Luffy with his caring and loving tendencies. Garp is an old geezer. Dadan throws tantrums. And the bandits are helpless, Oh, did I...
Noble [One Piece ASL Story] by Obsessedwithalot
Noble [One Piece ASL Story]by Obsessedwithalot
Sabo was setting out to sea to be free, but as he sailed, he got shot by a Celestial Dragon. Once hIs boat was destroyed, he was presumed dead for years. Instead, he was...
megami ✧ shanks by birdkeeperhana
megami ✧ shanksby Hana
you've heard of Gol D. Roger the proclaimed "Pirate King", but what if he had a younger sister? enter Gol D. Kami the younger sister of the pirate king and the...
As The Winged Hero [REBOOT] by AlWasAFox
As The Winged Hero [REBOOT]by Takomuchi
| One Piece x Bnha, Isekai Male Reader Insert | With no recollection of what and how did this isekai thing happened, all you know of is that; ...
ASL'S Big Sister (One Piece Fan-Fiction) by ultimatelytired
ASL'S Big Sister (One Piece vibe check
(COMPLETED) Portgas D. Atami was her name, eldest daughter of Gol D. Roger & Portgas D. Rouge & older sister of the ASL. ... i know that the new book cover is Lightning...
Another world ( One piece fanfiction) by lalapiece
Another world ( One piece Celestia
[One piece men various x reader][They are in the real world] Some one piece men characters in the real world? Who don't want that right? I will post also in quotev and...
A serious case of Brocons by Wyhter
A serious case of Broconsby Wyhter
Ah yes, our dear Ace, and Sabo who love their brother so much they'd ki- protect him no matter what. Causing the World government, fellow allies and crewmates some torme...
One Piece Reaction to memories and AU by Azill_Kun231
One Piece Reaction to memories Aryazzilla
that man, he did this for his own good?! you've got to be kidding us! Monkey D. Luffy, that boy is somehow a mystery itself. He's more than a man who will become the Pir...
Keep the Promise by CrapeWaffles
Keep the Promiseby CrapeWaffles
What would have happened if Luffy had intervened before Akainu pierced Ace and died instead? What would be the reaction of others if their little light disappeared, espe...
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 [~Help Me~] One Piece X Reader Fanfiction by godzamasu5432
[~Help Me~] One Piece X Reader _Houaida_KH
W̴̹̋h̴͈͒a̶͈̿̒t̷̖̫̓ḙ̸͆͛ͅv̴̥̓͠ĕ̶̝͝r̴̛̭̋ ̷̩̈́D̸̝̿ō̴͓̹͛e̵͇͓̿̑ṣ̴͇̈́̓n̷̖̣̄'̶̧̻̈́ẗ̶̟́͘ ̴̥̲͐k̸͍̱͋̽ỉ̶̡̝̕ľ̶̯̻́l̸͚̘̀ ̶̪͋̀y̸̢̌̈́ö̵͉̩́̚ṵ̴̜͗,̷͙̀̒ ̷̹̟̊̌ ̷̞̞̓͝s̵̊...
Sabo x Reader Lemon by YourGrummpyNeighbor
Sabo x Reader Lemonby CactusFiend
Sabo x Reader lemon. I might make more in the future if bored. I don't mind recommendations.
Mother's Love || One Piece || by Eternal_Tea_
Mother's Love || One Piece ||by Lazy_Author_
There's no greatest love than the love of a Mother. Started: 7-30-22 Ended: ???
Luffy, Different Timeline by Nagisa_666
Luffy, Different Timelineby 【NAGISA_666】
What if when Luffy was only 10, Sengoku had found out about the three of them? The child of Gol D. Roger, Portgas D. Ace. The child of a noble who had refused the title...
In a heartbeat by ThatLadyVixen
In a heartbeatby Nelly
A soulmate was someone you had a natural affinity for. Someone that'd compliment you and feel deeply connected to, they were like another part of your soul. Law didn't...