Luffy's reason

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A/N- slightly longer chapter, sorry for the wait folks! Working on many fanfics atm

"Why did you two leave him in the first place?" Asked Nami a bit sourly, her gaze hardening at the two brothers.

Ace slightly flinched at her sour look while Sabo sighs and answers,

"We were thinking of ourselves at the moment, please keep in mind that at the time Luffy was just some random annoying kid that gramps left"

Garp sighs a bit at the answer but understands, while Sanji says angrily,

"That's no reason to leave him like that! Especially letting the bastard torture him!" Sanji breathes his cigarette in and letting it out with a small puff.

"Ace and Sabo most likely went through a lot to get them not to trust or help anyone" Robin says smiling as she explains, "they most likely thought of what was best for them"

"Yeah but-" Nami starts only to get cut off by Zoro,

"Like she said Nami, they aren't too trusting, it was obvious when younger Ace tried to get Luffy of his back when running through the forest" Zoro continues, "who knows what they lived through, but expecting them to suddenly trust someone, especially if it's Luffy, an annoying brat, is a lot to ask for"

Nami stops and gives up as both, Ace and Sabo looked up at Luffy's first-mate thankfully and at Robin who just smiles and waves at them a bit.

Zoro nods back respecting the two older brothers as Marco and his Pops smile at the first-mate,

"Seems Luffy got himself a really good crew, huh?" Sabo asked a bit to Ace who grins and says,

"Yeah, I met most of them in Alabasta. But some especially, the lady, the skeleton and blue haired dude is new to me"

"Hmm" Sabo thinks a bit glancing at the crew and smiles, "I think I'll meet them more properly when we get back"

Ace just grins and says, "they're good people, they watch over Luffy quite well"

Sabo just smiles and looks forward.

Cries were heard as they saw Luffy sitting on a rock, crying his eyes out as he was wrapped in bandages.

Shanks slightly smiles at the sounds of Luffy crying, remembering the time of him losing his arm,

"Anchor sure has a lot of tears to shed, Huh"

Benn just nods smiling a bit,

Chopper slightly sighs in relief, "good... they patched him up"

Sabo smiles and says, "like I said we would"

Chopper just smiles at Sabo, happy that his captain is being taken care of.

Marco had sighed and gazed sadly at the amount of bandages that were tapped around Luffy. His worry bursting through his very being, body tense and eyes observing Luffy's small frame for blood.

Thatch has felt extremely relieved that Luffy was taken care of, he sighed a bit then his face turns angry remembering where the wounds came from in the first place.

"That bastard" Haruta mutters a bit despite knowing that Porchemy was defeated.

Dragon gazed forward sharply, hearing the cries of his son. Something he never heard since cradling Luffy as a baby

Ace was sitting cross legged up on a small hill as he tried to fix his broken metal staff while Sabo leaned up against the rocks right next to him.

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