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Luffy and Ace were probably wondering the same thing and Ace asked, looking back at the man in mild surprise, "Hey, Sabo, that man's calling you."

"Who is he?" Luffy asked, also stopping.

Sabo didn't answer that gritting his teeth as he said hurriedly, "He must be mistaking me for someone else. Let's go!"

And without giving them a chance to ask any more questions, he went running off. Ace and Luffy exchanged a surprise look before going after him. "Hey, Sabo!" they both called after him just as the man shouted out for him to stop one more time.

"Still, a noble huh?" Muttered Thatch a bit surprised that one of the brothers was a noble.

Garp inhales a bit and leans forward, a gut feeling told him something important was going to happen.

"I wonder though...." Nami said, "why'd Sabo leave his family?"

Robin just sighs, "we'll find out soon"

Ace slightly sits up, Sabo glances at him before remembering this memory and smiling wide as he also sat up.

Even so, Their elbows still touching in order to know that the other is there.

The next memory appeared, around them, a grassy cliff that was outside the forest and had the perfect view of the ocean. The three boys were there, Sabo leaning up against a tree with the other two standing in front of him, apparently wanting some answers.

Sabo was avoiding their gaze as he fumbles with his shorts.

Luffy was patting his stomach happily as he said, "Since I ate all that delicious Ramen, I'm in a good mood! But a little sleepy..."

"Always eating and then sleeping like an idiot" muttered Sanji, his gaze although, held a fond and kind look.

"Don't go to sleep now," Ace snapped at him before glancing at Sabo, his arms folded. "Before we do anything else, I think that you need to tell us just what it is you're hiding from us!"

"Ace is scary" muttered Chopper again, the reindeer is still unable to accept that the boy that had hurt his captain and was cruel most of the time, was Ace.

Luffy, who was starting to drift off to sleep, was suddenly wide awake. "Eh? Sabo's hiding something?"

"What's wrong? I don't see what the problem is. I'm not hiding anything!" Sabo exclaimed even as he shifted nervously and couldn't seem to bring himself to look at either of them.

Luffy blinked up at him innocently. "Really?"

"He still has that bit of innocence even now" said Nami smiling a bit, Robin, however frowns and says,

"Yes" her gaze goes to Ace, "but, with what happened during the war, I believe Luffy will come back to us more..."

The crew goes a bit silent, guilt swarming through them as they all were too accepting of their sudden separation. While Luffy must have tried to find them before the news of his brother's execution immediately grabbed his attention.

"What happened in that war?" Asked Usopp quietly, his throat forming a lump as he thought of the news of Ace's death.

Zoro only closed his eyes and let out a small sigh, he remembers being told exactly that Ace dies in front of Luffy.

"If we're watching Luffy's memories, then it's most likely that we'll eventually see it..." he says, his feelings felt sour and a bit angry, they're watching their captains memories, something private and kept to himself.

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