The Rich and Poor

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The next memory was of the three boys carrying the dead crocodile, tied with ropes, above their heads. Luffy was behind them—carrying the tail, and looking angry at the other two in front of him.

"Well, you know..." Sabo offered slowly, glancing back at the pouting boy. "Don't be mad."

"I mean....he was eaten by a crocodile..." said Haruta giving a small smile.

"Yeah, but they did save him" replied Izo now snickering a bit at Luffy's pouting face.

"Of course I'm mad!" Luffy yelled, obviously feeling the same way. "I was almost eaten!"

"You somehow, always end up getting yourself into trouble.." Sanji said frowning a bit.

"Oh, shut up!" Ace called from the front. "You can eat as much as you want of this crocodile meat when we have it for dinner."

The anger on Luffy's face was immediately replaced with a bright smile. "Ok, I forgive you."

"That fast!?" Usopp asked in shocked, Zoro just sighed and said,

"Don't be surprised, you could basically bribe Luffy with food any day."

Ace slightly snickers, "so true"

Sabo looked back at him and asked, "You're just going to forgive us so easily?"

"It seems so" said Robin smiling.

"Luffy's too forgiving..." said Nami a bit sad and guilty of the times she mistreated Luffy.

"I want to eat this crocodile already," Luffy answered, his mouth drooling.

Sabo looked up at Ace and called, "There's something I wanna check on! Come with me!"

"What could that be about?" Wondered Whitebeard.

"Maybe to check on their previous hide out for their treasure?" Offered Izo a bit from his observations.

Ace and Sabo slightly felt sour about the previous memories of Luffy getting beaten.

They headed back to the same tree where they had kept their treasure stashed in the day before.

Each of the boys popping out from the bushes  with leaves and flowers as their disguise. They watch as a group of men were near and on the tree, looking at the trapdoor that once held their treasure.

"Seems they were looking" said Marco crossing his arms as he frowned, feeling protective of the three small boys, specially the youngest whom had went through the torture.

Ace bums his shoulder against Marco's as he still gazed at the scene.

Marco relents a bit from his protectiveness.

"So?" one man yelled up at them irritably, "Did you find it?"

"No!" they called down, "Nothing!"

"Keep looking!"

"I still can't believe Luffy went through that..." said Usopp a bit sad for their captain.

"He's strong" Zoro said, "he acts as though it never even happened."

"Luffy does refuse to show weakness..." said Robin.

They then heard Sabo whisper to Ace, "It's a good thing that we moved our 'Pirate Fund' to another place."

"Did you guys do that when...uh..." Thatch asked a bit afraid to remind them of Luffy's torture.

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