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Slightly longer chapter, I'll be focusing on this book a lot more so please be patient for updates-A/N

"Ace, I didn't know you went this far every day!" Luffy said, and the Straw Hats looked up to see that Luffy was tied to the tree. But this didn't seem to bother him as he tried to talk to both boys again.

"Shut up," Ace said, an annoyed frown on his face.

"Ah, we finally hear your voice Ace~" said Haruta smiling a bit towards older Ace. Ace smiles as his other brothers joined the conversation,

"You have quite a voice, slightly intimidating for a child" said Izo who pats Ace on the head.

"Well I wasn't that talkative, I'm more of a 'kick your ass, talk later'"

He then glances at his 'dead' brother, Ace points to the boy as he finishes with, "he was the one that did all the talking"

"Ah, so who is he?" Asked Thatch, interested in who his brother had been with.

Ace's mood immediately became sour at the question, it's not that he hated talking about him. It was a very hard topic, but Ace gruffly said,

"Sabo, his name was Sabo" Ace said emphasizing the was.

But it seemed his brothers didn't catch the message except Whitebeard and Marco who glanced at each other worryingly.

"Sabo, huh" said Thatch smiling and observing the young lad.

Garp could only stare forward at the scene, his eyes glistening for a moment before blinking.

The others caught the boy's name as they paid attention to the memory.

"So this is the Luffy you were telling me about?" the new kid said to Ace.

Luffy looked up to Ace and asked happily, "OH! You told him about me?"

"I told him how annoying you are," Ace told him coldly.

"Man, he's mean," Usopp whispered and looked at Robin, "how did he and Ace even get so close now?"

Robin smiles knowingly, "I have a feeling..."

"He also told me you're empty-headed," the boy added.

Luffy just laughed. "Oh yeah?"

"Doesn't he realize what they just said?" Zoro asked, raising an eyebrow.

"He never does," Nami said as her and Robin smiled affectionately.

"You don't even realize that we're dissing you, do you?" the boy asked him.

"Yohoho, Luffy-san doesn't get bothered much," Brook said.

"He finally followed me all the way here," Ace said grumpily. "I didn't take any of the walkable routes either..."

"Are you a friend of Ace's?" Luffy asked the new kid, "Be my friend too!"

"That sounds familiar.." Zoro mutters, remembering his captains annoyance whenever he yelled, "join my crew"

Robin giggles as she said, "it seems he was always determined"

Some of the pirates smiled. The one who seemed to smile the most was Ace, he lived through years of Luffy yelling at him to join his crew when they would speak of their dream crew.

"Shut up," the boy said at once, "I'm not going to be your friend."

"Then what's your name?" Luffy asked smiling like an idiot.

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