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My Three Trouble Makers (ASL x Reader x Law) by hey__book
My Three Trouble Makers (ASL x hey__book
You were a college teen. The Best of friends with Law. What if one day you wanted to adopt a child? But ended up adopting three? Find out in My Three Trouble Makers!
  • straw
  • bepo
  • chopper
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The Pirate Queen (One Piece Fanfic) by JazMaligo
The Pirate Queen (One Piece Fanfic)by SkyMaiden
For those who seen the other description and the story that I deleted long time ago please ignore it because this story has been rewritten. The former Pirate Queen, Cre...
  • luffy
  • vinsmoke
  • sabo
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Free Heart by duabawrites
Free Heartby duabawrites
(Crosspost from fanfic & ao3 under pen name: duaba) Only Garp could show up on Mt. Colubo with another child for Dadan to watch over and only Luffy would accept point bl...
  • manga
  • onepiece
  • sanji
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ASL'S Big Sister (One Piece Fan-Fiction) by WaterMistress
ASL'S Big Sister (One Piece ☠ A Pirates Life For Me ☠
(COMPLETED) Portgas D. Atami was her name, eldest daughter of Gol D. Roger & Portgas D. Rouge & older sister of the ASL. ... i know that the new book cover is Lightning...
  • zoro
  • nami
  • sanji
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facebook one piece by wefi-leon
facebook one pieceby leon saki
mình viết vì mình là fan của one piece, nhớ ghé thăm bà con nha
  • ace
  • bellemere
  • nojiko
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Family Portrait by d-d_dreamer
Family Portraitby D-D Dreamer
Lucy Heartfilia has a dark past she is unaware of. The world she grew up is false. It's hard for her to trust the few people who know her secret. But she is going to h...
  • onepiece
  • suspense
  • fairytail
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Alchemy [HIATUS] by BujoyV
Alchemy [HIATUS]by Writing Reader
There was a myth that only a few people knew. The myth tells that the purest sea stones can be found in a cave under a specific island that exists in the never ending se...
  • shanks
  • crazygirl
  • friendship
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Team Free Will ☼ One Piece by aIive_
Team Free Will ☼ One Pieceby Doctor Professor Patrick
She had a contagious laugh, she made everyone feel for her whatever she felt, she quickly made friends, and she defintely hated being a marine. ONE PIECE FANFIC, I ow...
  • marines
  • ốc
  • akainu
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Somewhere I belong by Hihowareyoufine
Somewhere I belongby Hihowareyoufine
I was always the outcast no one liked me for me . I gave up on having friends because everyone was told to stay away from me. The freak, but that world told me oth...
  • onepiece
  • sabo
  • garp
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The truth of Freedom by Celty124
The truth of Freedomby Celty
(It's hard to make the summery so I'm putting the first few lines) "The marines are here!" A water seven civilian yelled to Iceburg. He was about to tell the...
  • monkey
  • truth
  • freedom
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Eminence Raven by WildLillys
Eminence Ravenby WildLillys
Monkey D. Luffia, or Luffy as she prefers to be called, is not one of your normal day to day girl OH no, she's one of a kind. she'd rather go on life threatening adventu...
  • sanji
  • strawhats
  • brook
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paraplegic...or not by vongolagirl
paraplegic...or notby vongolagirl
"Yeah! Well I'll be back in a few months!" Garp said with a cheerful expression, but then his features took on a sad, hardened look. "Oh" he put Luff...
  • magic
  • luffy
  • garp
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Ace Death by VongolaTenth
Ace Deathby Sawada Tsunayoshi
Last words by ace
  • piece
  • nami
  • monkey
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Dreams Do Come True by JOtakuAnime
Dreams Do Come Trueby JOtakuAnime
Dreaming is a good thing , you can let your imaginations flow but it's really impossible right?... Well... one day her Dream come true after she wished it at her 15th bi...
  • robin
  • reverseharem
  • ussop
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A Shattering Admiral (One Piece) by Nina6085
A Shattering Admiral (One Piece)by Nina
The worst sin a Marine could do is to fall in love with a pirate. But what if it was the other way around? Monkey D. Luffy has eyes for only one; The Navy Admiral Pinkus...
  • luffy
  • borsalino
  • garp
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Cupcakes One Piece one shots.....Discontinued by LitttleMissOreo
Cupcakes One Piece one LittleMissOreo
This is nothing but fluff for One Piece characters. If you have any ideas shoot me a message or comment. I can do OOC or xReader. So... enjoy!
  • luffy
  • ace
  • usopp
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One Piece x Naruto crossover: Finding my Truth by ALL222
One Piece x Naruto crossover: TheGoingMerry2
Naruto is raised alongside Luffy in Foosha Village after his pirate parents are killed by Garp. Follow Luffy and Naruto through their childhood adventures and watch the...
  • garp
  • asl
  • luffy
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ASL'S New Member (Partial Naruto Crossover) *HIATUS* by The_Little_Badger
ASL'S New Member (Partial Naruto ~MOOSE~
Garp comes back to Foosha village to drop off yet another 'Grand kid'. This one a girl. Luffy and She get along quite well while She and Ace get of on a some what rocky...
  • team7
  • crossover
  • onepiecexnarutocrossover
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One Piece Oneshots by DewGlow128
One Piece Oneshotsby Dewglow128
  • strawhats
  • zoro
  • coby
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Changing the Future by chrisymd
Changing the Futureby Christina
I didn't understand what was going on. I should be dead. Why am I not dead? I questioned before realizing something once I got a hand on the newspaper. I wasn't in my wo...
  • law
  • garp
  • donquixoterosinante
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