The boy with the hat and goggles

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Third POV:
Everyone grew tense as they watch the tiger come out from the shadows.

"M-My legs won't..." Luffy croaked out, staring in horror at the tiger, "Listen to me!"

The tiger lunged forward, and Ace had gotten up with the pipe tight in his hand.

Zoro and Sanji blinked. Was he...?

Whitebeard smiles seeing that despite Ace's cruelty. He truly wouldn't leave Luffy to die.

Shanks despite knowing Luffy was capable of taking care of himself, was relieved that Ace shown he cared.

But suddenly behind them, they heard another roar and looked up to see a giant bear there with a jagged scar over its eye.

"The tiger was after the bear!" Brook yelled out as he raises his arms in a dramatic frightened way.

"Now Luffy's in between them!" Chopper screamed out in panic.

"It's alright," Zoro said, watching them. "They don't seem to have noticed him yet." Which was true...Luffy was small compared to the two giant animals that it's quite possible that they just hadn't seen him yet.

Finally gaining control of his limbs, Luffy was able to get back to his feet and made a run for it as the two giant animals fought each other. Ace still stood on the hill but despite the rain, you could see a small smile of relief shown.

Shanks grins, 'he isn't cruel'

Marines stared in awe at the sudden fight between the Tiger and Bear.

Garp exhales a breath he's been holding for a while.

Luffy went running through the forest, ended up tripping and laid there gasping for breath.

"It's hard to see him freak out and run for it," Nami whispered.

"Well, he's not as strong as he is now," Robin reminded her with a small smile.

"Ohhhh!" Chopper yelled out in amazement, pointing above Luffy.

They looked up in time to see that the rain had stopped and the sun had come out to show a great rainbow above him.

Marines stare in awe as did the pirates.

Ace smiles seeing Luffy take this in as a sign.

"I wonder if that means something," Sanji asked as..

Luffy sat up, the fight between those monsters was already forgotten as he laughed. It was a sign,

Scenes shown where Luffy began to cross the crocodiles and climb the hills, avoid being pecked by birds, all while eventually catching up with Ace.

Ace grinned as did his brothers and pops. The StrawHat's all gave small smiles as Chopper, Brook, Franky and Usopp cheered for Luffy.

Garp sat up straighter, beaming with pride.

Shanks grinned as did Benn, the two of them chuckling at Luffy's faces as their crew also cheered for Luffy.

Luffy leaning heavily on a walking stick as he walked uphill. Gasping for breath, he looked up at them and broke into a huge smile,as he said to himself, "I'm out of the forest!".

Dropping the stick he went running the last few yards and to the top of the hill. Through the hazy white mists was junk... not just a hill of it, but a mountain... or rather a mountain range of junk!

"Oh my god" said Nami staring in shock at the piles of trash. Franky gases at it in awe as he says,

"Imagine all the stuff I could build if I'd just rummage through there!!!"

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