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Ace and Sabo talked for a bit. Sometimes just sitting in silence next to each other while eating was enough as well.

The both of them were in bliss, happy and teary eyed, well Sabo was the one mostly crying as Ace decided that he shed enough tears for now.

Zoro glances at the brothers and merely thinks back to Kuina. He swallows down another gulp of beer.

He wondered if she was watching right now, snickering over Zoro's predicament. Being stuck in the middle of darkness and worried over his captain.

Zoro smirks at this and continues to eat and drink.

"You know..." Usopp starts, "as much as I want to know about our captain..."

Usopp rubs his hands together, "it feels wrong, I mean these are his memories.."

Nami drops her gaze from the brothers and frowns, "yeah but, there's nothing we can do... I don't see an exit anywhere"

"Maybe when that man comes back we could ask to leave" offered Chopper as he thought about the scary hooded man.

"Speaking about him," Brook starts, "I wonder who the smaller one is"

Robin just sighs leaning against the table, "maybe we'll ask them to reveal themselves when they come again"

Shanks was drinking, Benn next to him as they both clank their drinks together.

"Luffy's got me really worried" said Shanks smiling a bit,

"He is unpredictable" said Benn back smirking.

Shanks expression turned serious, "that man" he starts,

Benn looks at him paying attention.

Shans leans against the table as he says, "at first I thought it was too good to be true, but then he appeared once again," he takes a gulp of beer,

"I'm certain of it, his voice, the mustache and never ending grin. That man, it's him," Shanks said a smirk forming on his serious expression, "My old captain, Gold D Roger"

Benn's eyes widen.

"Man, I'm stuffed!" Said Ace grinning happily as he pats his stomache. "I wonder-"

His face slams onto the table causing Sabo to jump and pat Ace repeatedly asking,

"Ace!? Hey!"

"Oh don't worry about that" said Marco from his spot, he takes a swig of beer, "he has narcolepsy, you'd think it would be gone since he came back alive and such"

Marco just smiles as he looks towards the confused Blonde.

"Narcolepsy?" Sabo muttered confused as he looks towards his brother and carefully lifts his head up, only to hear Ace snoring away in a deep slumber.

Sabo then gently moves his brother,

Ace, now has his head on Sabo's shoulder as he snores away. Sabo makes sure to hook an arm around Ace to make sure the man doesn't fall back in his sleep.

Sabo then smiles a bit and proceeds to finish his dish.

Marco smiles at that. 'Must be tough..' , Marco thinks about Sabo's situation and feels pity for the man. He then glances at Thatch who was chugging down his third beer.

Garp huffs, though a fond look takes over as he stares at his grandsons from the other side of the divide.

'Wonder how Luffy is doing..' Sabo couldn't help but worry over his little brother. He hasn't seen him in years, let alone remember him and the first time he does, it's him hooked up to machines and on the brink of death.

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