A Sudden Visit

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-Artwork is by nsnl_h. on on twitter-

A/N- I'm feeling good rn so here's another chapter

Luffy's crew gazes at the scene sadly but also a bit fondly. Ace was in the middle of so much love.

"Wonder how Luffy's doing..." said Sanji now frowning a bit remembering the way his captain looked.

Chopper also worried, "do you think he's ok?" His voice comes out small.

Robin smiled down at him reassuringly, "our captain is strong, he'll be better in no time"

Zoro gazed down at the paused memory, a warm feeling spreading through him as he saw the three boys smiling as they held their drinks. They seemed to almost sparkle in a way.

Franky sniffled, "the fact that Luffy had such good older brothers..."

"I still wonder why he never mentioned Sabo... I mean sure from what I heard.. Sabo 'died', right?" Usopp asked confused and when mentioning Sabo's death he placed his hands up as indications.

"Perhaps we'll find out later...." said Brook quietly as he seemed moved by the display of love towards Ace.

Shanks smiles towards the group that held Ace in a warm embrace.

"Luffy sure is lucky, huh? Having such good older brothers.." he says almost missing the small boy that wanted to prove he was brave.

Benn just smirks and nods.

Garp felt, conflicted.

He wanted to also embrace his grandson, he wanted to know if he was actually alive and breathing. Garp felt himself grip his fist a bit in anger.

Sengoku sighed a bit, his confused mind is creating a headache. Yet, he can't stop staring at the scene ahead of him.

Coby felt himself slightly tear up, but he immediately wipes his eyes with his left wrist as he sniffles.


The memory shifted,

The Whitebeard crew immediately let go some a bit reluctant as they separated from the hug.

Sabo still held Ace as he turned his head to look at the scene, his arms relaxing around Ace as he stares ahead.

Ace decides he doesn't want to move and begins to get comfortable by spreading his legs out and leaning against Sabo. Refusing to move from the warm cocoon.

His head still on Sabo's chest as he pays attention to the scene.

Now everyone paid attention, some glancing at each other in confusion.

The scene changed back to Edge Town and noticed Sabo cornered in an alley. Crowded by thugs who looked ready to beat the kid's ass.

"What's going on!? Why is Sabo cornered!?" Yelled Usopp worried as he holds his hand out.

"Where's Ace and Luffy!?" Chopper yelled frightened for the boy.

"If you shut up, maybe we'll see!" Barked Sanji angrily as he stared ahead crossing his arms in worry.

"Sabo," the mugger up front said with a rather evil grin, "Who gave you permission to enter our territory?"

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