Ace's stubborness

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Sabo and Ace stayed hugging for a bit, before letting go as Ace slightly has his gaze on Sabo's scar. Sabo had seemed to notice his worry and smiled,

"The accident, it left a scar"

Ace lets go and then slaps Sabo's back grinning as he then says, "sit with me!" He then turns a bit sad and says,

"We'll be going through some painful memories, so best if we stick together now"

Sabo blinks at him, then hums as he smiles placing his hat on and nodded as the two of them walk towards The Whitebeard crew,

"Excuse the intrusion, Whitebeard-San" Sabo said lowered his hat a bit nodding to Whitebeard who stares at Sabo.

Ace grins as he bounces a bit asking,

"Pops! Sabo's gonna be sitting with me, that alright?"

Whitebeard then grins as he said, "a brother of yours is welcomed to the family. Welcome, son"

Sabo felt his cheeks go warm, he gave a shy smile as he sits down next to a very nervous Ace. He then turns toward the scene, his smile now gone.

Dragon stands next to Whitebeard, they both nod towards each other before watching the scene,

A vein was standing out in Porchemy's head as he let his arms fall to the side. "Fine," he said, his voice surprisingly calm. "Enough."

Suddenly all the previous emotions were back, Usopp now franticly screamed,


"We'll be there" said Sabo with clenched teeth,

Porchemy drag the heavy sword behind him along the ground... they could hear the sharp blade made that stinging, ringing noise as he stood in front of Luffy.

Luffy forced his swollen, beaten, bloody face up to look at him... tears still in his eyes.

Garp felt himself once again tense, his grandson was about to be killed and he could do nothing.

Dragon looked ready to run up and kill the man for harming his son. His passive face gone as his whole face showed anger.

The Whitebeards all were once again yelling, Thatch was screaming along with them. Their swords out and ready as Whitebeard himself had positioned his weapon a bit to hit the man.

Shanks had started to tap his knee, 'this was in the passed, Luffy went through that' he thought sadly,

The marines didn't know whether to look away or to try and shoot the man to help the poor child.

The StrawHats all looked ready to jump in and fight. All of them stepping forward or shaking their legs.

Ace had stared as his gut wrenched in guilt and anger, Sabo who sat next to him glared hatefully towards Porchemy and grabbed Ace's arm a bit saying,

"You should have let me join the fight"

Ace didn't respond.

There was no mercy in Porchemy's face as he raised the sword high and whispered, "Then you die."

They all froze despite knowing Luffy came out alive, Luffy shut his eyes tightly and Porchemy swung the sword. It was as if watching it in slow motion as the blade came to so close to Luffy's neck.

And then,

The wall behind broke apart as two boys flew through, both holding poles and screamed,


"OH THANK KAMI!!!" Usopp screamed just arms raising just a bit, Sanji huffed and crossed his arms.

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