The Tiger!?

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Third POV:
The rest murmur to themselves as-

"I was chased around by wolves at the bottom of the valley," said Luffy tiredly, his face stretched out.

"The poor kid" said Thatch seeing how exhausted Luffy was.

"He was chased- by wolves!!" Yelled Usopp in shock, Chopper kept looking at Luffy's wounds in worry.

"Most likely got lost trying to get back up" stated Sanji frowning. Ace shifts a bit knowing the atmosphere is angered by his actions in the past.

"The bottom of the valley?" Dogra repeated in shock, "Why'd you go there?"

Luffy did not answer-

"But why?" Asked Chopper, "why isn't he telling them about what Ace did?"

Robin merely stared at Luffy in confusion as well, but began to think.

"Poor Anchor" said Shanks, but his smile did not leave his face. After all, Luffy's a tough young lad.

A sigh escaped Marco's mouth, he had cases where his brothers would cause trouble for each other only to either blame themselves rather than pointing out the suspect. It was a odd thing, but one he is all too familiar with.

"Well, in any case, it's a good thing he's safe," Dogra said to Dadan.

"The hell it is! This just means that the troublemaker had returned!" Dadan shouted annoyed, picking up Luffy by what was left of his shirt as she dragged him off to a small room inside the house. As they looked in, the first thing they saw was Ace sleeping, before she dropped Luffy on the floor next to him.

"After what happened, how can he just sleep!?" Nami yelled out in confusion and anger.

Sanji sighed as he watch his younger captain immediately fall asleep the moment he hit the floor.

"Idiot" Sanji muttered, the situation was something to be expected, if his captain were a bit older. A child nonetheless, shouldn't be so...okay with everything.

Zoro glances at Sanji before paying his attention to the memories.

Chopper was shaking in a mixture of sadness and rage. Tears already falling as he sniffs, Robin seemed to have noticed his distress and placed a hand on top of his hat.

The rest of the StrawHat's mutter to themselves, some cursing their captain while the others are silent. Observing how their captain came to be. Most of the Marines questioned Garp's choice in leaving a child to bandits. They then remembered who the child came from. Dragon sighed, he stared at his son sleeping. He believed he done the right thing in letting his father take his son in. Now, he's beginning to question his father's methods of raising a child.

The Blonde in the back slowly begins to walk forward next to his superior. 'Not yet' he thought glancing towards Ace, he grabbed the tip of his hat pulling it down a bit to hide his face, 'soon...'

Garp merely chuckles at his grandson's sleeping face. His pride shown seeing Luffy sleep off the pain.

Ace on the other hand mutters to himself about his "idiotic little brother". Then begins to twitch remembering the fact that he was the cause of his little brother's injuries. He noticed his crew coming a bit closer towards him in an attempt to feel comforted.

Just then, it was bright and sunny out when the memory returned. Luffy came charging out the door with a new shirt and a few bandages on his face as he went chasing after Ace like he did before, calling out to him to wait up and to be friends.

"At least his injuries have been taken care of" Chopper said feeling a twinge of guilt come through thinking if he had the power he would have ran up and patched Luffy up.

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