That's Ace!?

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Third POV:
Everyone panics not wanting to think what may happen to Luffy.

An open sea is shown as a boat floats. There, Luffy and the bandit leader is shown,

"Oh no.." said Usopp as he sees the smug look on the bandits face.

The bandit leader laughed saying smugly "I made a clean getaway! I got no use for you anymore!" Luffy turns angry as he swings-

Only to get kicked away by the bandit, he hits the water-

"LUFFY!!" The StrawHats yelled along with Ace, Garp, and The Blonde.

Ace tried to catch Luffy only to pass through him.

The Whitebeard pirates stare in shock, some clenched their teeth, while others looked away.

They all knew what happens when devil fruit users fall into the sea.

The marines watch in horror as they knew the weakness of the devil fruit user.

Luffy resurfaces flailing trying to keep himself up as the bandit merely laughs,

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" Ace screamed, His body slightly on fire. Many others were cursing at the bandit while also yelling in worry for Luffy.

"Piece of shit!!" Yelled Thatch, he cared very dearly for his siblings, knowing this was Ace's little brother. He couldn't imagine what Ace could be feeling...

But then-

the water surfaces behind the Bandit,

Everyone stared at the Sea king rising, some gulping or hiding in fear (the marines).

"What the-" Yelled the Bandit, only to have the Sea King slam his jaws shut, Eating him.

Some were happy to have the bandit deserve what he got, but Luffy was still in the water,

Luffy flails around more violently trying to swim away as the Sea King turned his attention to him.

"HELP ITS GONNA EAT ME!!" Luffy tried to yell but swallowed water-

"LUFFY, SWIM!!" Usopp screamed desperately, others begin to yell the same thing.

Izou placed a hand on Thatch's shoulder, trying to comfort him as Ace begins to scream at Luffy to paddle his feet.

The Blonde in the background steps forward as if wanting to run out and save the boy.

Whitebeard frowns at the child's experience.

The Sea King swims towards him, then lunges at Luffy jaws open wide,

"LUFFY!!!" Yelled Everyone in the room, except Shanks and his crew knowing the outcome.

Eyes wide and clenched fists as they stared in horror.

The Blonde in the back twitches violently wanting to reach out and take the boy to safety.

Some marines turned their heads not wanting to see the outcome of the child.

But then-

Shanks is seen holding Luffy who clutches his shirt tightly shaking. They slightly move with the waves the beast created. Luffy says in shock, tears in his eyes,


"Shanks!!!" Everyone yelled relieved, the marines calm down returning to watch.

Garp sighs in relief As Dragon keeps his eyes on his son.

Ace relaxes and felt relief flow through him as Luffy's savior came to the rescue.

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