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It seems the only one that noticed The Blonde was Marco, he glanced at the top hatted man.

'Top hatted?' Marco rethought as his eyes now looked towards him. His eyes slightly widen seeing him. 'But Ace said "was", isn't he suppose to be dead then...'

Sabo now placed his pole in front of him while crossing his hands over the top. Leaning a bit, trying to get a better look at Ace, who was crowded by his crew.

Sabo has noticed Marco observing him and placed his finger to lips, indicating to keep silent of his appearance.

Marco only stared for a long time before sighing and nodding as he closed his eyes and thought,

'He wants to keep it a secret, I see...' Marco then smiles, 'he better show himself soon, or after all this'

Robin on the other hand, knew Sabo, she was observing the small child. Remembering, the certain man with the same top hat. She smiles mysteriously,

But, that smile immediately was wiped off when the scene went on.

Everyone flinched,

Luffy kept swinging back and forth violently, as Porchemy kept raising his fists, punching poor Luffy who kept silent, despite the blood now covering most of his body.

And that's how it went on.

Luffy only kept swinging back and forth acting like a punching bag, which he was for Porchemy.

"How long does this go!?" Nami yelled now covering her face in Chopper's hat, her shoulders shaking.

Chopper had brought his hands up to his eyes as he clenched his teeth. Desperately trying to hold back the sobs.

Sanji felt his anger continue to bubble in him,

"Where the hell are those two!!? Are they just gonna leave Luffy to die!??" Sanji yelled, his gaze never leaving Luffy's small body. The cigarette between his teeth now ripped off at the force of Sanji's grip.

Brook held onto his cane, his bones rattled at each hit. His mouth that was wide opened, shook at each force of the hit, unmoving as that was all he could do.

Franky felt his entire body shake in rage, 'where are they!?' He thought angrily. Luffy's blood kept spattering onto the ground at each hit. Franky could only clench his teeth hard as his jaw flexes and aches.

Usopp stood in shock, his tears falling as each hit just kept coming. "Luffy..." his voice croaks out, body shaking,

Zoro and Robin stared down the scene, unflinching whenever a hit was made. The two of them, never turned their head. Despite the blood and small cries that escaped Luffy, not once did they look away. This was their way of showing respect for their captain.

Garp, he felt it, each hit. The sounds felt like bullets hitting his body, felt like canons at each sound of the spiked glove hitting Luffy. His eyes stared hatefully at the pirate,

"Pirates are scum" he muttered, "all of them"

Sengoku's glasses shined a bit, his eyes unseen, despite that you could see his form tense, shaking. Something he wants to deny so badly,

'No pity for a pirate!'

Benn had felt his grip tighten around his gun, he glanced at Shanks, who was so still and quiet, eerily staring down the scene. Shanks had felt guilt wash through him, just for a moment he thought, what could have happened if he took Luffy with him rather denying the poor boy. He sure as hell wouldn't have gone through this.

Each marine covered their eyes. All of them refusing to see the scene. Except poor little Coby, who could only stare in shock. His body frozen, salty tears falling from his cheeks.

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