Intro and Luffy's start!!

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Third POV:
A young boy no older than 17 is laying on a bed. A blanket draped over him to cover his body covered in bandages as tubes seem to be attached to him. Raspy weak breathing, the boy looked more dead. Hell he could be dead. Yet the monitor shows he is still alive after the horrifying war to save his older brother in which he failed...

A figure stood next to him, a cloaked man to begin with. A hood slightly covers his face only showing his wide teeth smile and rather large mustache.

"So you live" the man spoke. His voice gruff yet despite the smile, his tone had presented grief and sorrow...

"I thank you... for looking out for my son...but I believe you have some unfinished business. They all do"

He ran his hand through the boy's black locks as the machines beeping begins to increase, the boy's face scrunches up as his breathing quickens and becomes heavy.

The atmosphere becomes tense, the man's smile turns into a large frowns and says

"It's time for you to come to terms with your fears and sorrow, Luffy"

A memory is what Luffy sees in his unconscious state. Eyes closed tightly as the beeping now slows down. His face becomes more relaxed, his breathing goes back to ragged breathes yet shows less tension.

The man next to him now turns to the group of people....
"Where am i?" The woman said, her orange short hair slightly waves a bit when she turns her head to realize she wasn't alone as her crew mates all next to her who seem to be in the same confusion as her....

"You guys!?"

"Nami? Oh how delightful! May I see your panties? Yohohoho"

"My Bros!"


"Shut it cook!"

"What did you say mosshead!!?"


"You guys now is not the time!! Where are we!?" Yelled a panicked Chopper.

The StrawHats immediately looked around but yelled in panic when they saw marines, a lot of them. Not only that... Garp. Most terrifying of all! But then....

Marco stood tall with his crew mates, glaring down at the marines whom some flinched under his stare.

Until, he froze, they all did as they saw one very familiar standing alone and another next to whom looked to be a giant.

"A-Ace? Pops? Thatch?" Marco croaked out, Ace turned around and stared shockingly at his family. Then at his Pops.

He looked down and flinched to see a large scar, he was about to question until-

"If StrawHat pirates are here...where's anchor?" Said a red haired pirate, one of the people Luffy looks up to, also known as Shanks...

This caused Luffy's crew to panic looking around before once a bright light appeared blinding all of them to reveal the cloaked man standing next to a boy laying in bed whom may as well looked dead.

"LUFFY!!" Yelled Ace and a Blonde standing in the background as well as Shanks, but the StrawHats yelled louder.

Worry and pain flushed them all.

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