Watch as it all falls apart

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ok so this is the first thing i have ever tried to write in my life so I would love feed back how i can improve. I did have fun writing it so if anyone at all likes it ill keep writing. So thanks please vote and comment

-------------------------------------------------------chapter 3------------------------------------------------------------------

Travis's pov

I wanderd out of the woods I could see the main enterance of school now just a few hours and I'm out of here I thought to myself. But as per usual I celerbrated to soon "Oh there you are freak" I groned internally I didn't need to turn around to know who that voice belonged to it was the local alpha's son "ahh Terry I see that another year has come and gone and your as ignorent as ever" I cursed myself why was I taunting him I knew what would happen "what did you say to me you parasidic loser?" "Yeah" Robert piped up another alpha's son but from a smaller pack and one of the members of the gang they had "you should watch who you talk to like that" Paul the last member piped up who was also the smallest and only a beta's son.

"What difference would it make we all know what is going to happen he will tell you to jump and you two being the weaklings will do as he says and that brings us to you Terry the only person sad enough to need to beat people in order to feel like a man, so let's get this over with shall we?" "Who the hell do you think you are to talk to me like that you know who my family is" "I don't really give a shit Terry" I saw the fist heading my way but I didn't bother to dodge it or attempt to fight back as it hit my face. It made me stagger back then all three of them started it didn't take long before I dropped to the ground and the kicks started I heard various bones break.

Then I heard an angelic voice "hey what the hell are you doing" "we are teaching the local freak a lesson beautiful what's your name?" I suddenly felt like fighting back when I heard him talk to her I have no idea why. "Firstly I wouldn't tell you if you were the last man on earth as you are clearly a horrible person, are you ok?" she kneeled down beside me I straight away could feel the heat radiating between us. "I'll be fine thanks though" I started to stand up when I felt two more blows one to the face and another to the ribs I felt one break I let out a groan of pain and I could of sworn she did as well.

"What the hell is wrong with you he was already down are you so weak that you kick a downed man" "I'll leave him alone if you come on a date with me" "not if you were my mate or the last person on earth" she looked down at me again as she reached out and loop her arm around mine and attempt to help me up as she did all I could feel was electricity everywhere and a feeling of peace. I wondered if she felt it to as I slowly looked up I looked into her eyes my breath caught in my chest she was stunning, gourgous and sexy.

She had long brown hair to her lower back, beautiful blue eyes and a body that could melt a sandwitch from across the room. I couldn't take my eyes of her though I made sure that I used my hair to cover my face. We just stared at each other for what felt like an eternaty "fine but I tell you now girl you will be mine" Terry stated with an evil snner across his face she just contuinued to stare at me "I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you" I couldn't help but laugh.

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