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Diavel X Reader (Maleficent) by FeirceAngel
Diavel X Reader (Maleficent)by Anna
You are Aurora's older sister, and are cursed when Maleficent comes to Aurora's christening. How will you navigate the struggles of the world? Will you find true love in...
  • fairy
  • aurora
  • reader
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Zeus by MaysileeSmith
Zeusby Maysilee Smith
Everyone has that moment when something--or someone--makes a difference in your life. That moment may not completely flip your world, but it may change your perspective...
  • matureaudience
  • zeus
  • aurora
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Spinning by Christine_Owen
Spinningby Christine Owen
In all the lands, in all the kingdoms, There is a Lady that is Fairest. With lips of blood and skin like Death She rules and laughs and lingers Her curses, oft desirous...
  • dwarves
  • aurora
  • sleepingbeauty
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RDJ Daughter// Tom Holland Fan Fic  by storycentral1298
RDJ Daughter// Tom Holland Fan Fic by storycentral1298
Dads dumb work turned into a pretty amazing place..... {{{this story is told in one POV (Aurora Lee Downey) but when told in other Perspectives will be narrated}}} #2 in...
  • susan
  • tomholland
  • infinitywar
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Maleficent Kissed Me by Zevheen7
Maleficent Kissed Meby Phoenix Heard
She never ceased to amaze me. I was crowned as the new Queen. Maleficent did it with pride and a smile plastered on her beautiful face, it was glorious and wonderful. Li...
  • fanficfriday
  • love
  • harrystyles
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My Favorite Café - [Lesley x Gusion] by Meh_L0
My Favorite Café - [Lesley x Dude😎
Gusion always get rejected when he confess. Then Lesley came in his life, he fell in love. The fear of getting rejected again, he didn't introduced himself nor make frie...
  • ruby
  • harley
  • valir
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Oh My Disney by Dean_Alison
Oh My Disneyby Genevieve Elle Krass
Disney Images. Please No Hate
  • pocahontas
  • aurora
  • mulan
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Diaval x Reader  by Seokjin_Writes
Diaval x Reader by Seokjin_Writes
Written by Luna Y/n daughter of Maleficent and Stefan, 18 years old, raised in a castle until she finally decided to run away. Like her mother, she doesn't really age...
  • aurora
  • maleficent
  • disney
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Just Friends *Earth to Echo: Alex* by crappy_fanfic
Just Friends *Earth to Echo: Alex*by crappy_fanfic
An alien crash lands on earth and sends signals to long time friends in the neighborhood. Aurora, Tuck, Alex, and Munch are these friends. As they follow the maps given...
  • adventure
  • alex
  • romance
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Sirius Black's Sister *Remus Lupin* by mishaismysunshine
Sirius Black's Sister *Remus Lupin*by Sunshine Nostril
She looked just like her brother. But her personality was completely different from her brother's besides one thing: she despised her family. So she ran away with him af...
  • lily
  • sister
  • marauder
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Angel of the Shadows by rxby_l
Angel of the Shadowsby rxby_l
"Since the birth of time, Angels and Demons roamed the Earth. Kingdoms stand their ground amongst the death stained land, determined to defend against the evil of m...
  • aurora
  • vampire
  • amnesia
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The Pianist and the Beast II(Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) by ZoBug3
The Pianist and the Beast II( ✭ Zo ✭
A quiet young woman with a strong passion for the piano. An extremely broken and emotionless young man served by a devilishly handsome demon butler. Dark secrets that sh...
  • lizzy
  • nicholas
  • trancy
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see you later, boy in love ; liskook ✔ by disney_aurora
see you later, boy in love ; JELAII
  • disney
  • liskook
  • jungkook
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Young Mate [Complete] by crossingseas
Young Mate [Complete]by Patty V.
Ashton White gets stuck with a sixteen year old mate, Amy Fray. She's stubborn, a little shy due to her socially inept Alpha and has the audacity to almost reject him, t...
  • abel
  • mate
  • war
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Immortalia by MajaDiana
Immortaliaby Maja Diana
[Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Romance ] Aurora Rosa is bonded—but not by choice, her existence is tied to a man she has yet to meet. Forced into submission because of her origin...
  • sciencefiction
  • immortalia
  • valeria
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The assistant  by imaanh17
The assistant by Imaan
Aurora James 23 year old business degree student seeks for a job after she quit her job at her old sexist company. She isn't the wealthiest of all but has enough. She go...
  • aurora
  • bently
  • hate
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Genderbend Disney Princesses One-shots by AndriannaG
Genderbend Disney Princesses AndriannaG
As the title says, this book contains one- shots with the genderbent version of our favorite princesses! More details inside!!
  • cinderella
  • disney
  • mégara
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epiphany ; jinsoo ✔ by disney_aurora
epiphany ; jinsoo ✔by JELAII
  • blackpink
  • kimjisoo
  • pinksonyeondan
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QUEENDOM. ( hope mikaelson ) by TrustFaithSalvatore
QUEENDOM. ( hope mikaelson )by Trust Salvatore
❝ you have a home in my queendom, you have a place in my queendom. ❞ - in which a tribrid falls in love with an angel - HOPE MIKAELSON STARED BLANKLY at her screen, part...
  • tvd
  • trustfaithsalvatore
  • fanfiction
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singularity ; taennie ✔ by disney_aurora
singularity ; taennie ✔by JELAII
  • kimtaehyung
  • taennie
  • jennie
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