moving in

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Travis’s pov

We hopped in the car and drove in silence at first it was a little weird we arrivied at my home “so travis, are you ready for this?” “I’m not sure sir, truth be told I’m a little bit worried I have never lasted with a family for very long.” He laughed I was expecting him to tell me that this was all really a joke “I don’t doubt that some people don’t understand but you have no idea how much Aurora cares for you already.” My heart lept and I blushed she cared for me I was still wrapping my head around the idea of mates “thank you john, would you like to come with me to help explain?” “of course” we both stepped out of the car and walked to the enterence.

“Hello Travis oh sorry I didn’t see you had company” “oh John this is mel, Mel this is John” I waited for a seccond “John is allowing me to move in with him tonight.” Her face lit up “oh my god thank you so much and congratulations Travis” she enveloped me in a hug “Thanks for everything Mel I’ll never forget you and all you did for me” “neither will I Travis you take care of yourself” we hugged again she was crying. I walked upstairs and started to pack everything up in bags.

It only took one trip to the car from my room to collect everything I own which is very little. “I think we will need to send you out shopping for some new things, I’m sure Aurora would love to go with you.” “I don’t have the money but thank you anyway” “there is no need to worry about that our money is yours you are family now I know you will always be there for Aurora.” I sat there totally stunned “um ok thank you so much John I cant thank you enough” “it’s an honor to I assure you.” “Well here we are I’ll help you take it to Aurora’s room if you like?” “No thank you I’m sure I’ll manage” “very well goodnight Travis and welcome home” I couldn’t get the smile off my face home I hadnt had one for a long time “Thank you John” I walked upstairs finding aurora’s room was easy I knocked “come in Travis” my heart sped up I opened the door I got one look at her I dropped everything I was carying.

Aurora’s pov

He was just staring at me wide eyed and open mothed not moving or speaking I thought I was about to cry I thought he didn’t like what he saw I was bending down to pick up a robe I was only wearing a midnight blue lace bra and matching thong. “Wait please don’t cover up” I couldn’t talk for a seccond just stood there “um I thought you didn’t like me like this” “I couldn’t talk I have never seen anything sexyer in my life, I could barly remember how to breathe let alone speak.” I ran to him lept into his arms and kissed him so hard I bursed my lips he opened his mouth and I lept at the opportunity and slipped my tongue over his he growled loud. I opened my eyes to look at him “um Aurora?” “yes travis is something wrong?” “no I was just wondering is this a little fast? And why do I have this feeling everytime you come near me?” “well its not moving to fast but what is the feeling you have?.” “um ok in truth all I want to do is touch you and then I want to bite down on your neck” he looked worried for a seccond like he thought I would freak out at this confession. “oh that the reason is to mark someone as your mate the first time you make love you both have to bite down to draw blood” “oh ok I thought there was something wrong with me” I looked in his eyes he thought that was the truth “there is nothing wrong with you.”

He looked into my eyes I blushed under his intence stare “Aurora?” “yes” I couldn’t look at him “can I kiss you again?” “you don’t need to ask I love kissing you” he leaned in and kissed me it started slow then it grew and became frantic he lifted me onto the bed I couldn’t help it but I straddled him and began kissing down his neck and I started to unbutton his shirt he slid his hands up my thighs I was so turned on. I was kissing down his sculpted chest he let out a growl and leaned up so I could see in his eyes “um aurora im a virgin does that matter?” I stared at him for a seccond I was stunned I mean he was so hot I thought hed be very experenced. Once I finally got my brain back “it’s ok travis so am I I’m so excited for my first time to be with you” this seemed to be to much for him he pinned me under him holding my arms above my head and crashed his lips to mine “ohh travis please more”

He slid his hands around and uncliped my bra I was so shocked he was getting so confident then all my thought was out the window when he put one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked as he rubbed my panties. I couldn’t help it I had never felt something so amazing he moved my panties to the side and slid a finger inside me I cried out as the orgasm took hold “oh TRAVIS, oh my GOD” I was panting and shaking he looked worried “did I do something wrong?” I was trying to remember how to talk I pulled him down to kiss him “oh my god travis that was amazing I want so much more please make love to me I cant wait any longer”

He didn’t need any more encoragement he stood up and ripped his clothes in half I watched his muscles flex if it was possible I got even more turned on he crawled along the bed towards me I wimperd in antisipation I pulled him into me. I could feel him at my enterence I moved so he slid inside me “oh travis it feels so good” “I know baby ive never felt so good” he was slowely thrusting. I could feel another one coming I couldn’t wait any longer “please travis bite down I only want to be yours” I could see the battle rage in him then I felt it as he clamped down as blood flowed into his mouth I came again and so did he “travis oh my god I love you” “ARUROA I love you too”

Travis’s pov

“that was the greatest experence of my life” she laughed “me to baby” I couldn’t get the smile off my face I looked at her neck she had dry blood there I leaned and started to lick it off. She shiverd under me and moaned I didn’t understand until she did the same to me I didn’t even realise that she had bit me like I did her she licked my wound to I couldn’t help the growl come out I was so turned on I grabbed her and kissed her hard. I could feel myself geting hard again she growled and jumped ontop of me and made me enter her again it was fast and aggressive I had no idea how long we were going but I could feel the orgasm coming  “oh god Aurora please bite me again” she bit down and I did as well we both came together “oh holy crap travis” she looked out of breath.

I just stared into her eyes “I love you aurora I cant believe I got so lucky if anyone had told me a week ago that this would happen I would have laughed in their face, I don’t think I could ever find anything that makes me feel like you do.” She let a single tear slide down her cheek I thought id said something wrong “oh baby please forgive me I’m sorry” she chuckled “it’s not that travis it’s just I feel the same you make me feel so happy and loved” I was about to talk again but she quickly silinced me with a kiss there was so much passion, love and tenderness in that kiss I could have done it forever and still not been satisfied.She started to drift off so I pulled her down to lie on me she was gone a seccond later I kissed her forhead “I love you so much” then sleep took me I couldn’t fight it any longer.

I could feel him scenting the air trying to find me “I know you’re here boy where are you” that voice sent chills down my spine I couldn’t move I was so afraid. His eyes lit up and a cruel smile appered on his mouth “ready to die like your father” I ran at him with all I could but he threw me across the room like it was nothing I went straight through a wall. “nice try but you will die for it” his body began to shift I tried to run from the wolf but he clawed my chest I could feel my life ending “worthless freak” he went to slash my face.

I sat bolt upright in bed and screamed but I heard a roar inside my head I had never heard before I lept out or bed and looked around the room “Travis whats wrong, there is noone here babe it’s just us, look at me” I looked into her eyes. “Travis are you ok now?” “Aurora what’s going on” my dad’s voice boomed behind the door “I don’t know dad we’re ok go back to bed I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow goodnight” she had such finality and power in her voice. “travis talk to me baby you’re scaring me” she held my face in her hands I could see the fear and tears in her eyes. “I’m ok Aurora just a nightmare ive had the same one every night since I was a kid it’s ok” she still looked worried “do you want to talk about it?” “Aurora I I’m afraid if I tell you you’ll reject me like everyone else I’m fine really” “I could never leave you Travis you mean everything to me” “ok ill tell you”

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