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sorry it's been a while but i do work and go to uni but better late than never-----------Travis's pov

“I would hope you don’t do that son as you know what happens to the one who loses.” “I’m well aware dad” he agreed with a sarcastic tone “Well then I would think long and hard before you walk down that path” “whatever you can both fuck off” with that he stormed out with Terry in tow. I turned to look at blank  “do you believe he’ll challenge you?” “I sincerely hope not, is the poor girl ok?” “truly I’m not sure how she will be, when I left her wounds were healing well however those aren’t the problem. He nodded in understanding “I must call the Alpha he will know soon enough best he hear it from me and I assure you alpha Travis my son will not receive any leniency” “does your son know what the old ways say he pays for this outrage?” he paled slightly in realisation “no I don’t believe so or he would not have just offered to challenge me” “what would happen to the one who loses the challenge?” his head drooped and eyes glazed over “he would have to make me give up the position by force and leave the pack, become rogue as they thought you were or he’d have to kill me both of which are considered a dishonour and the family would tear its self apart” I made sure to show no emotion “very well what ever happens I hope for the better as I would like to think of us as allies” he looked at me with hope for a second before it disappeared “I’d like to think that to” he stood and held his hand out to me “goodbye Alpha Travis and if this is the last we meet then let you know that I hope for nothing but the best for you and your pack, but you know more then most that hope and dreams aren’t much use” he bowed in respect. I nodded in response#he is useful to us help him# I didn’t know what he meant till a thought jumped into my head I know I didn’t put there “there is one other option” he looked at me to continue “if he does challenge you let him have the position leave with your mate and join me then your wife wouldn’t have to watch her mate and son tear each other apart” his eyes looked like they would jump out of his head “why would you do that for me?” “you’re a good man who is trying to do his best by everyone however no matter what situation happens in a challenge with your son someone will lose you die, your son does one of you has to leave either way your screwed and your mate pays the highest price of all don’t disregard her” “I didn’t even think how this would effect her” he looked deep in thought “if my son does go down that path you would do me a great honour if you would let me join your pack” I could see the happeness in his eyes at having a way out. I nodded my head again “very well if it comes to that” with that I left the office. I knew I couldn’t call on the old laws as id have to kill paul for what he did to kym however the punishment had better fit his crime or he would have to fight me and judgeing how I felt lately he wouldn’t come out to well. I was about to head off home when I heard a voice “Travis wait” I turned to see Brent again I thought we were done for now “I have something to give to you travis” “what do you mean” “in honour of you being an alpha of true character and not doing what I can not bring myself to do either” “spit it out my friend” “I once told my father that I would break of from Herbert and start my own pack based on a new way of thinking so he built me a pack house outside of town and the packs territory” I knew my face held shock “what did he do that for” “our father knew Herbert was stronger then I however he did not like how his pack was going to be run so he thought it would be a good idea to cut a long story short” he dropped a set of keys in my hand and a map “you are twice the alpha I’ll ever hope to be and I’ll follow you were ever” I knew straight away that he had just offered me his allegiance forever because for an someone who could be an alpha in there own right to do this was absolute and unbreakable his son must have made his choice and forced his hand. I went to speak then stopped “before you ask” he contuined “no my son hasn’t made his choice yet” I let out a low chuckle “do you wish to be beta or omega? As I have another in mind for beta” he looked torn for a second at best “I do not wish to be either however I can train your pack and I’ll be omega till another fits your description” I understood his desire to not have to lead however he would be great at training my pack once I build on that is. I smiled at him “ok Brent I accept your terms and welcome you when would you like to do it?” “today I’m going to go home and pack all my things and my mate and I will meet you at the house however I’m not sure if our youngest will want to come as well” he looked saddened “very well I’ll meet you there tonight till then good luck my friend” he bowed again then left me to my thoughts as I walked to get Aurora and tell her the news.

As I approached the driveway I noticed an unfermilure car there instantly I ran to the door trowing it open “Aurora” I yelled she was at my side in a second panic in her voice “what’s wrong?” she was looking at me for wounds as I was her. I was first to talk “I’m sorry babe I just saw that car and freaked out” she calmed dowm straight away “oh that’s just Kym’s parents” I looked her up and down again “taking the role of alpha female quickly aren’t we?” she blushed before “says you alpha travis off to confront the beta, what’s that?” she guested to my hand “I’ll explain in a minute”

I entered the room to meet Kym’s parents it was obvious who they were now you could clearly see her in their features “Alpha Travis I presume” “Travis this is Evan and Patrica, Kym’s parents” “oh of course sorry we could meet under better circumstances” I went to hold my hand but they both dropped to their knees her mother in sobs “thank you so much my little girl would have died out their if it wasn’t for you I can never repay you for what you have returned to me” I looked at Aurora for help she just stuck her chin out so I copied her, Kym’s father went first kissing my chin then her mother I was a bit creped out ‘it’s a sign of a submissive wolf’ oh well that helped weird “I have something to ask you alpha?” I looked at Patricia for her continue “if Kym is now in your pack how does she come back with us?” “well that’s up to her she can leave I wont stop her however she is welcome to stay as are you.” It was at this moment that Tom pipped up I hadn’t even realised he was there “we don’t have room for that many Travis, I’m sorry as I can see what you are trying to do” I looked at him with understanding “I didn’t mean here Tom I have a pack house not far from here” all the faces in the room held shock none more so then Aurora’s ‘I received it as a gift we can move in tonight’ she had such love in her eyes ‘really we have a pack house?’

No one said anything Evan was the first to break the silence “if it would be alright we will join you I hold no love for that pack and it’s rule, I’ll always follow my daughter and protect her” my reply was a simple nod and “if you would like you can go and pack yours and Kym’s things and come with us this evening and meet my omega.” More shocked faces this is fun ‘I heard that Travis I’m just weirded out at how much your changing but it’s really turing me on’ I chuckled ‘well it’s a good change then’

They left after saying thanks again it was getting quite annoying but I kept my game face on “Aurora where is Nathan?” she thought for a second before “NATHAN” she screamed he leapt over the banister not bothering with the stairs looking ready to kill anything that threatened his little sister that was diffidently my beta “What’s wrong sis” he turned to me with venom his spat “what the f*** did you do to my sister” he was advancing Aurora spoke before we had a bigger problem “it’s not that bro Travis just needed to talk to you” the other family had already gathered “how about we all sit down and I’ll explain everything” they all did so I proceeded to tell them everything how I received the pack house and all through I could see just love and respect coming from all of them. When I was done Tom congratulated me first and told me that we would all move in together and sell the house they had now I was stunned at that before I turned to Nathan and his mate who I now know is called Stacy. “Nathan would you do me then honour of being my beta?” everyone held such shock “why me?” “well I have several reasons, you are a born leader I can tell that, secondly I couldn’t think of anyone who would protect Aurora as much as I would, also I trust you to have my back if anything goes south, do you need any more reasons?” he seemed to ponder for a second “the honour would be mine” and he bowed. “oh wow I’m mated to a beta” was the last thing said before we all went to pack.

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